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Jaime's Elemental Shaman Guide (5.4.7)

Jaime Shit Shaman xó

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#41 Fkveggie

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Posted 31 August 2014 - 06:12 PM

[quote name='Beargryllsx' timestamp='1409496022' post='4199770']
Jaime is dwarf, so he gets mace expertise from his racial which also increases spell hit i believe.

You also have chosen Echo of the Elements so you miss out on the passive 5% spell haste bonus from Ancestral Swiftness.
I recommenend speccing into that, not only for more haste, but especially for ns hex.
Also get Call of the Elements so you can tremor and healing stream more and make the enemy team's life even more miserable.

Thanks, I specced into those two, now I just have to get used to 2 new spells ^^

But one problem remains, I checked out some top Eles and alot of them get away with reforging 1088 Spirit while still being over 6% Spell Hit (I'm talking about Orcs here). I saw you had Band of Accuracy instead of Cruelty so I compared my gear with Eles who had Band of Cruelty equipped.
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#42 Beargryllsx

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Posted 31 August 2014 - 07:02 PM

That's odd... maybe someone else can help you with that, i don't really know much about stats and shit. Also don't go after my amory. I'm a pretty bad player and i only play ele because i got tired of getting my ass handed to me as restoshaman every other game by some fucking cleave.

As for the two new spells, It is usually best if you just use call of the elements after your first tremor.
If you get used to the spell you can maybe save it if you think the opponent has no fear or damage soon, but be careful, if you happen to, lets say tremor your healer out of the first wyvern and then forget to reset it, your healer might sit a full warrior fear after and you're gonna kick yourself in the butt.
If you have the globals, use every low cooldown totem you have before resetting totems or its a bit of a waste of the cooldown.

I often use ns hex as a peel if the healer is priest/pally/monk. Against rmp my first global might be ns hex on mage to fuck their opener. If he doesn't block it, nobody will die, if he does, destroy him ;)
Try communicating hex with with your partner. You can ns hex another ele shaman while somebody on your team fears the enemy healer. It is very rewarding if you get a kill out of those situations where you created a 3v1 situation, more so than just lavabursting someone down out of nowhere.
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#43 terdek

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Posted 31 August 2014 - 07:35 PM


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Biss , jajaja good guie of ele shaman
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