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Rogue Thugcleave Shadow Dance Flare Damage

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#1 Blockergon

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Posted 14 May 2014 - 03:43 AM

Hey guys!

I started playing rogue in S14, my main was a Fire Mage and i just hated rogue SO MUCH that i stopped playing it in 3 weeks or so. Now i got back to it for some reason and i just reallyzed that i LOVE it, just reallyzed that i was playing it wrong.

Enough with shit-talk. Here is the thing, im playing Thug with a friend of mine and RMP(D) sometimes when i find a good mage and healer. Knowing that, i face the common rogue problem, i got eaten by hunters flare! They just sit on that and break my entire opening, since i lose subterfuge and stealth when step on that.

So first question, How do i deal with Flare?

Second one problem, i CANT shadow dance O_O!?! I dont know how to do it properlly.. i can use it to peel for my friends, like cheap every one or silencing that bursting lock and mage... but NO DAMAGE :( I just panic for the seconds that im wasting since i dont know what to do!

Here are the conditions that i found for doing a nice shadow dance:

Almost full Energy
Making sure that mage/hunter doesnt have that blink/disengage

So, how do i Shadow Dance and dont look like stupid?

Extra info: im usually around 1600ish and have 534 ilevel.
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#2 Tuzer

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Posted 14 May 2014 - 11:06 AM

Let's say you are doing an opener with shadow dance.
You first want to premeditation slice and dice, open with cheap shot, get sanguinary vein with hemorhage (implying you use the glyph, otherwise rupture with 2 combos from cheap shot), kidney shot when cheap shot falls off -> ambush to 5 cp -> evis -> marked for death evis.
That's a pretty basic way to do it.

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#3 Blockergon

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Posted 14 May 2014 - 08:29 PM

This the opener i usally do for my start without shadow dance.

When i OPEN with shadow dance i usally do : premed>slice and dice> cheap> hemorrage(cause i run with the glyph)> Shadow Dance> ambush> Kidney> ambush> ambush> Eviscerate> Marked for Death> Eviscerate> spam some backstabs and eviscerate again.

What i mean to Shadow dance is, im not stealth and want to dance and do damage, like i see some guys do it. One thing that im thinking to try is wait till no stun dr, getting slice and dice rolling, get 5 points and wait for full energy, then dance, bomb, kidney, and ambush, ambush, evicerate, ambush, cheap, evicerate, marked for death, evicerate. What u guys think? It may work? Or should i do somenting diferent?
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