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Advice for Noob Surviving 2dps melee as hunter in 2's

2v2 Hunter warrior

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#1 mc625569

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Posted 05 May 2014 - 07:49 PM

Noob here:

this is my first season in arena, and I just started playing wow recently.

I've been playing MM hunter + WW monk with a friend of mine, and I'm having trouble surviving Warrior + rogue/enhsham/feral openers.

Typical us v warrior + melee

Warrior charge stuns - melee cc's my monk and then I get pain trained. I'm having trouble figuring out how to chain my defensive CD's to get me back on the offensive.

I usually just end up trinket deterring off the bat to buy myself a couple of seconds to think - If I just sit the stun and ros/trap/disengage I'm usually pretty low and spend the rest of the short game just running away . I cap conquest each week and have as much gear as possible - and judging by health its reasonable to assume I am playing against players with similar gear - so I am not a boosted toon in all greens.

My basic Questions:

1. How should we try and start a match with mm hunter ww monk vs warrior + melee? I've tried camo glyph to hide myself but the speed reduction is crippling.

2. I've been studying a lot of 3v3 videos, but in 2's I don't have a healer, as a hunter how should my general outlook to games change in 2's vs 3's? I feel like I can't hold on to defensive CD's as long , and often times trinket immediately.

3. What is an effective CC as a hunter vs a warrior? I'm trying to learn all of their abilities, but it seems like roots, snares and disarms are useless when they use some of their common opening abilities? Is binding shot more effective to survive the opener vs wyvern sting?

Any advice appreciated - I'm not looking to get a high mmr, but I would like to feel less helpless.
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#2 Esiwdeer

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Posted 13 May 2014 - 04:09 PM

Basically you have to prevent damage by playing really offensively or judicious use of your defensive cooldowns. 3v3 and 2v2 are worlds apart, but if it were me I'd really focus on just using my basic rotation on whatever my partner is killing and then smaller things, like keeping Flare on top of you vs. Rogues or getting Deterrence off before both enemies connect.

1. vs. Warrior/Melee I'd say to go on the Warrior since the second class is so powerful that we do not even know what it is. If you know you're being focused, you owe it to your team to make it take as long as possible. You should have Roar for Reck and you shouldn't use it otherwise, and Narrow Escape is pretty staple. Aside from that, small things you could do to ease the pressure is learning to Scatter Shot Charge which is surprisingly easy in this meta. Focus Conc Shot could go a long way in lower ratings as well. Try to understand it from their perspective: they understand going on you that they have to go through Roar and both Deterrences. Make it not worth it. If you can't kill them, kite them. You have no incentive to commit to a fight with a melee train.

2. Your general outlook should be that if two DPS connect with you for any length of time, you probably lost. This is for double-DPS only. Everything counts - openers, trinkets, cooldowns. The only thing that buys you relevance as a Hunter in 2v2 is your unique CC and potential for damage. There's a reason you can't play 2v2 with a Healer and experience success. You have to make them play your game, make them be susceptible to your cooldowns and interrupt their momentum. Deterrence early and often and worry more about your basic responsibilities(Chimera, Disengage Root, Explosive Trap, Conc Shot, CC) than anything else.

3. If a Warrior isn't near you and he's still on you, he's probably about to Charge. Scattering Charge has been something good Hunters have done since level 60, and it's a good thing to learn to do. If you start trying to do it, you pick up a feel for getting it like Gouging Blink. Disengage Root whenever you can get a double, and try to trap off that. It's best to save Explosive Trap for when you can probably get a knock off than to use it on cooldown. Master's Call can be given to you in 2v2, and we already talked about Roar. I think Warrior is one of the easier melee match-ups and probably one of the few melees Hunter can beat 1v1.

Last bit of advice, try to watch a replay or something of yourself to get out of the feeling of being frazzled because you're being trained. It's more stressful to be trained every game than to run around attacking people and getting CC'd. It's easy to feel like you can't do anything or like you need help from your teammates, but you're very powerful when played correctly. Try to take stock of your situation and not let being tunneled make you feel rushed in your gameplay. There's never a time when both DPS are connecting with me in 2v2 that I don't Deterrence. You simply must, there's no point in saving it. Deterrence isn't like Block or really any other defensive CD: its use in 2v2 is mostly preventative.

Hope this helps! Best of luck
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