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Advice for 3v3 Pala\Warr\Lock

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#1 Havok

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Posted 21 August 2007 - 02:42 AM

We have me (41\20\0) pala, 33\25\3 warrior and 27\34\0 warlock. We are lingering @1950 unable to progress due to what seems 50% of teams we have to play contain a frost mage and a healer, and we loose most of those games. Infact we loose all of them if they bouth focus me unless they make a mistake or i execute the LoS kiting perfectly. Curntly we focus the mage an try to cc their healer to take the mage down as fast as posible. We have what seems pushed our gaming to the limit. Got all the macros and things from the open sorses and stoped doing stupid mistakes but the dreadfull pala\mage\warrior hasnt ever been beaten unless they have less rating then us.

EDIT: Typo in warrior spec... ofc its not 43\17\3 you cant do that.. 33/25/3 it is.

In reply to Briag:
So to sum up:
- Respec Warrior
-Was a typo there ^^
- Main DPS on the healer (sometimes the other target, but never the frost mage, especially if he has a pally for BoP)
Thats what we started with... their pala just takes longer to drop. I am undergeard it seems.. cant survive counterspell + pumel even when runing arrownd a pilar with BoF on me.
- Freedom whoever's getting pounded (reduces frost mage's damage)
Well thats what we have been doing
- Hamstring spam enemy melee
Hm.. i think that is rely a good idea. Gona try it ^^

To sum it up: Tnx for the help^^
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#2 Birag

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Posted 21 August 2007 - 10:08 AM

Er, well, firstly your warrior is specced oddly. Get him to go 35 / 23 / 3 (blood frenzy / second wind / death wish / imp intercept) and you will notice him much more capable of shutting down someone - intercept is a warrior's greatest tool for limiting DPS. Teach him to run away and intercept when an ally is in trouble. Improved intercept is a godly talent, i know i couldn't live without it.

You and the lock's specs are fine.

Let's take for example you guys versus pally / mage / warrior. I wouldn't focus the frost mage, because he is the most frustrating target for your warrior, especially if you have to burn freedom on yourself to escape their warrior. He also has 2 ice blocks and BoP before he will go down - that's a lot of DoTs and MS being wiped. Focusing the warrior is a no-go, because you're just enraging him, and he most likely has freedom so you can't limit his dps much at all.

This is a fight however, where you can really make the paladin pay for being a straight-heal class. Start out on the warrior with CoEx and hamstring spam, get him to yell for BoF from his own pally. As soon as that buff is used on the warrior, your DPS can absolutely ruin the other team's paladin.

Keep whoever is being focused on your team freedom'd, this nerfs a frost mages damage by a massive amount and you shouldn't have to heal through much more than the warrior's damage.

A warlock and a warrior have enough interrupts to make a paladin cry IRL (fear spam, CoT spam, pummel a heal, spell lock a heal, fear spam some more. You'll be surprised how long it takes the mage to get rid of CoT, especially if he's trying to pressure you a lot). He will bubble soon enough, and a mere ~20 seconds later he should be up shit creek. This is opposed to the 30 seconds of invulnerability (not to mention all the kiting) that a frost mage can do.

If you use this tactic and still lose, it's most likely that you died before their pally (unlikely). If this occurs, get your warrior to intercept back to their melee (this applies to warriors and rogues), hamstring, and run back to DPS the pally whenever the intercept cooldown is up. On that note, hamstring spam is one of the most frustrating things for a rogue to deal with, he can only break it 3 times (vanish, imp sprint, trinket) - learn to abuse it!

So to sum up:
- Respec Warrior
- Main DPS on the healer (sometimes the other target, but never the frost mage, especially if he has a pally for BoP)
- Freedom whoever's getting pounded (reduces frost mage's damage)
- Hamstring spam enemy melee

Follow these simple tips and you should see some improvement in your games against that setup :D
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#3 Laila

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Posted 21 August 2007 - 10:49 AM

The biggest issue you have against that setup is that a paladin can't outlast anyone anymore, and your lock is built for outlasting.

You need to have your lock at least switch up part of his afflic talents to destro for shadowburn, or possibly go a full UA spec, which one he wants to do is kinda up to him, but the drain tank build just doesn't work very well with a warrior. It works ok with a rogue in those situations, because the rogue can pretty much take the mage out of the picture, but a warrior doesn't have much control on a mage.

There's definitely not going to be a "go after this guy" kind of thing every game that doesn't change, people will adapt and learn to protect against what you're doing to beat them. Even against much lowe skilled teams great teams will still have a high chance of losing at least one eventually if they play enough, as they'll just start to figure out what you're doing and set up specifically to counter it.

Try getting your lock into a build with a decent spike capability and see how that changes things for ya.

edit some stuff I forgot to say

Your lock HAS to control the mage, there's no 2 ways about it. There is no controlling a warrior, and if they let them both get on you, you're going down.

Also force the counterspells to come out before they'll kill you. Doesn't work so much on warriors, but with counterspell as short as it is these days, it has to be very well timed to be effective. Your #1 priority in dealing with a mage should be to get counterspell out of the way before it can be fully effective, if they refuse to burn it simply keep yourself(or whoever the target is) high enough that they'll be stuck never using it waiting for that moment that's not going to come.

And, of course, gear up. Get every possible option you can get available to you. A single mage used to be able to kill me pretty damn quickly if I didn't get help, I don't think any mage is ever going to kill me 1v1 now before i run completely out of mana.
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