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Elem Shaman RBG damage

Shaman elemental rbg damage

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Posted 26 March 2014 - 08:53 PM

I don't think my damage is high enough in RBGs. I am full grievous with 2 pieces prideful, prideful wep and shield. I am gemmed int, int+pvppower or int+haste. I reforged for maximum mastery then haste. I am at 53.51% mastery and 25.69% haste. Should I reforge for a little more haste? I notice every top rated elem shaman went Resto Hands and Belt. I am planning to upgrade those today to get all that extra haste plus spirit for hit. I had to reforge for hit because of a recent piece I bough and now I am just under 6% hit, which I know is not good, but will be solved today.

My gameplay is that I try to keep flameshock up on at minimum 2 people for procs. Alot of times I purge off hots and buffs on the kill target so I miss out on some dmg. My casting priority typically is Unleash Elements > Lava Burst > Lightning Bolt. I really haven't been using chain lightning other than for "spinning the flag". I spam that if the flag needs spinned. I do alot of focus shocking/hexing on healers too, which is something the people I play with seem to not do often.
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