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RBGs and Defense on FC maps


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Posted 26 March 2014 - 08:33 PM

I am trying to start leading some lower MMR rbgs (1600-1700). I have a rogue friend who non-stop is overriding the strat I call. Below are some examples of what he does:

1) Battle of Gilneas - I call to leave tank at mines and rest go WW then send 1 healer back to mines. He ALWAYS gets at least 1 other person to go LH to "ninja". Especially a boomkin or mage friend. If they send more than 2 people they don't turn around because they think they are pro and can demolish them. They almost never do.

Last night we managed to get WW and they managed to CC cap LH and then called for help immediately. As the team shifted from WW to LH we lost WW and they also took back LH. When we lost LH they said "We had no help so now we lost this". Meanwhile, if they never asked for help we would be up with 2 bases to their 1. At the end they blamed our loss on some stupid mistake someone else made, but I called them both out. The rogue responded "if it wasn't for us we wouldn't have even gotten close" and the druid said "I was 2200 and 2200 teams run this strat all the time".

I am sure it can be situational, but their strat is ALWAYS to ninja by themselves or to defend a flag on FC maps with 2 of our dps. Never once do they take into account whether their team is sending multiple to LH or a healer with their FC.

2) Twin Peaks/WSG - I call tank go solo to grab flag (if guardian druid) and the other 9 to group up in mid and try to wipe them. The rogue ALWAYS says hes going defense and gets our frost mage or boomkin to stay back defense. What always seems to happen is we lack 2 dps in mid so they overpower us because most teams seem to only leave 1 on defense at most. So they are always at bare minimum up by 1 dps in mid on us. Even if we see that their entire team is coming mid the 2 ppl on my team stay mid and do not come help us. Is this strat correct?

Last night we had a WSG and they both stayed back on defense as usual. The other team actually had 2 stay on defense as well. We wiped in mid and their 2 dps killer our FC, while our 2 "pros" could not kill their FC who escaped. They then proceeded to blame our dead team for not helping with returning the EFC.

Can anyone give me their thoughts on this?
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