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How did you get over that sub 1800 hump?

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#1 Pestìlence

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Posted 12 March 2014 - 11:27 PM

I'm a PvE hero who would like to seriously PvP on my Mage, but I'm finding it nearly impossible to find teams/partners at my skill level who aren't just looking for a cap.

I haven't done many arenas, mostly just playing with a friend in 2s (Ret Pally <_<), and last season we were maybe 1500. Since the start of the season, I've tried to find people to play with, but it seems like nobody at my skill level is actually trying to PvP seriously.

It looks like once I hit 1800 I can find RBG teams or a 3s team easier (judging by Trade), but I'm really lost at what I'm supposed to do to *get* to 1800. I have a ton to learn and need a lot of practice, but I just can't seem to find anyone to play with who is my level with the same goals.

Anyone have any advice?
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#2 Flavours

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Posted 12 March 2014 - 11:35 PM

This can be really hard, and as someone who recently went through this experience, being 1500 midway through S14, i found 1800 very hard to attain, especially only playing with friends.

One major thing, you can do for yourself, first is make sure you have the optimal spec / playstyle.

Foxztar's Mage guide has detailed strats and tips for mage:

And my own personal plug here for my keybind guide:

Important factors that will gain you 200 rating are Focus macro's, Awareness, Good binds, Targetting macro's, and avoiding Tunnel vision. Not to mention knowlege of other classes / specs.

Once you're comfortable with your Spec / Keybinds / Ui, i'm afraid you're going to have to look for people with similar Exp. 1500ish players who are looking to play arena. Hubs for players like this are outside Stormwind/Ogrimmar, Or even trade chat. It might take some time to find a team who are willing to give it a shot, but if you get a few games going it can be a blast.

Try too play real comps too, at 1500 i find alot of people playing comps that just don't work, or Class stack, which can keep you low rated, As a mage try WMD, RMP/D, Godcomp.

Once you do find a team, which so long as you're on a high pop realm / crz you should rocket to 1800. Where you will find a new challange, 1800 - 2000.

I understand that you can see adverts asking for 1800 in trade, bur for me personally i dounf that once i was 1800, it didn't help me find teams. As people areound this Cr/mmr tend to have big egos. Play with likeminded friends, or search until you find 2 other relaxed players around your skill level, as it's hard to progress with ragers / Players with huge Egos.

Good luck on the search man, and all the best in the arena!


Here's something to familiarise yourself with Specs you don't fully understand:

And a much better written guide on the Issue:

I hope i haven't swamped you!

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#3 Pestìlence

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Posted 13 March 2014 - 04:08 AM

Thanks a lot for the advice. I think I'm good for keybinds and such, I don't find myself in situations where I didn't know where a button was or I pressed the wrong one (my PvE background is top 30 guilds so at the very least I'm not pants-on-head), and everything is bound. I have read those threads and they were a big help too. I've been watching a lot of Xaryu and Ven, trying to get an idea for who/when they Poly, play defensively, that type of stuff.

Playing a real comp and trying really hard to find people my level I think is where I need to start. I just need to keep looking until I find a team or some randoms to play with who are actually looking to improve and learn. It's good to hear that once I get there I should see some rating improvement, though of course rating isn't everything.

Kind of feels like everyone who wants to arena seriously is already 1800+, but I know that's not correct. Wannabe 1500 heroes are out there... I think I just have to dig for them.
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#4 Rhee

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Posted 13 March 2014 - 07:58 AM

One of the best things you can do is watch streams. Keeping doing it!

That is how I learned when I first wanted to play shaman. I would literally just watch streams all night long, study the player's globals, and try to remember how he reacted to certain situations in arena.

Then during the day I would just spam qs with whoever I could find from trade or friends. Then I would try to take the knowledge learned from the night before and mimic it. I was a horrible player at first.. but stuck to it and played something like 150 games per day for a long time.

The day will come when you pass that "limit". I once thought 2k was impossible to get, but with consistency I was able to break through and succeed.

And at a certain point, you will kind of feel that your level of play is greatly exceeding your current partner's, and this is the time you should really look for higher level players. I remember I would just message people I saw from stream to play, and while it will be hard to grasp their attention at first, eventually you will play with them. Just be consistent.
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