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LSD trip out. Lock Aff/Destro

LSD Arena elemental shaman warlock

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#1 xforeex

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Posted 12 March 2014 - 03:16 PM

Hello all,

Been playing this comp off and on with mainly a Destro lock. I am ele and gem/reforged/spec'd for unleashed fury with haste. I have 2 big questions I need an expert opionion on.

1. What are the benefits of playing with a AFF lock compared to a Destro lock. With that what should I (being ele) gear towards in terms of haste with ULF or crit with EB. I have messed around with both and find both good, but when its time to do burst when the destro lock is ready, its hard to deliver for some reason unless i got the lava burst proc runnin with FS on all three players (also wondering if FS caps at having it up on 3 people/nps for proc and what is the percentage? also an easier way to do so without having to click portraits and press FS like an addon?) on addons i only use gladius and am completely oblivious to all these fancy ones people use. I have just always played with minimal addons and standard UI. Anything easy to use I am open to suggestions.

2. Glyphs and changing talents for certain comps?? On this i rarely change right before the match unless we feel we can catch a warrior over extending to interrupt gate or something to that effect. When we think this is a high chance i go astral shift from natures guardian, then elemetnal mastery from ancestral swiftness I usually dont change rushing streams but if i do i change it to the one where i do dmge and it heals the party.. sorry forgot what its called. and stick with ULF. First off from the hours of research and armorying people and asking other ele players advice I came to my current talent set up. Natures guardian, earthgrab, call of the elements, ancestral swiftness, rushing streams, and ULF. Is this even the best talent setup????? I pick up quick on strategy and such. I am just wondering if i am using the right talents. For glyphs i go capicitor totem, hex, and lightning shield. which allows for me to root with capacitor then if they break then i call of elements doing it again. I am wondering if i am doing anything right or wrong and what i can do better all around.


mastery 49.90
spell power 31048
haste unbuffed 22.70
crit 17.49

thank you for your time
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