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[Warlock] RBG Tips

warlock rbg tips

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#1 Teekah

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Posted 04 March 2014 - 04:45 PM

UA - Unstable Affliction
DS - Dark Soul
MF - Mannoroths Fury
SoC - Seed of Corruption
SB - Soulburn
SSw - Soul Swap
(i don't know if my shortcuts are correct)

Hey there,

i just started to play WoW again a short time ago, so i don't really have a clue what to do with my warlock in rbgs.

I watched pretty much video guides and read all i could find, but everyone say something else >.<

maybe i give a short view about my char:
i play affliction, stats go into deep haste, iLvL 523 full PvP

i watched affliction warlocks do some amounts of dmg i can only dream of... (20m+)
the maximum of dmg i could do was somewhere between 12-15m in about 18-20min. (i didn't have to def anything)

after all of this i want to ask you - how can i maximize my dmg in rbgs?
atm my "rotation" looks somehow like Agony+UA+Corruption (seperately), mal. grasp until agony is at 10 stacks, DS, MF, SoC, SB-SoC, SB-SSw and then spread it to anyone running around
(i do not mention fear, shadowfury etc. cause it's cc and not dmg)

is this "correct" or
- is SoC completely useless?
- should i change the "rotation"
- is MF the correct LvL90 talent or should i go with Archimondes?
- is mastery better than haste for rbgs? or should i go for haste breakpoints?
- is there anything else i didn't mention? something else important?

thanks to you all, you're awesome

Edit: sorry for my bad english ^^;
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#2 Dreoras

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Posted 06 March 2014 - 11:27 AM

You gem full mastery, fuck haste.

You only use seed of corruption if its 4 or more enemies clumped up in a group fight, remember to use soulburn through. Spec like I got on my chars affli spec here: http://eu.battle.net.../Dreoras/simple

You can change the glyphs if you feel like it, but UA and siphon life is a must. Never use mannoroths fury, its shit.

As a warlock in RBG, your job is to dot everything up especially unstable affliction as its dispel protection for your teams dots. Make sure to have UA up on the kill target thats being called. Spamfear everything, healers most important. Open with a howl on all healers, if trinket, blanket one, sac pet, blanket the other healer then shadowfury both of them. Single fear one of them then just rotate fears around on all the healers while keeping UA up on everyone.

Thats what good RBG warlocks do.

Youre welcome, GL and HF!
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