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Self healer + full Mastery > All else?

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Posted 26 February 2014 - 12:39 AM

This makes sense in my head but maybe I just have the downs.

I have been a very strong supporter of going almost all crit but today I was thinking about Mastery and selfless healer, I'd like to bounce ideas off of people and see what they think.

1) First off with the additional nerfs to healing in arena, small HoTs become less and less valuable and scale down.
  • Because the ability to top someone off or be able to keep up with damage as health pools go up but overall healing goes down significantly decreases.
2) A 3 stack EF can tick for anywhere between like what 12k and 18k?
  • At times you will have a 3 stack EF on a partner that has low health but the EF is not going to keep them up by itself. Holy Shock is on CD and know that if you try to cast a lock will be coming on you. You only have 1-2 HP so you have to just hit another EF on your friendly erasing the 3 stack EF that you had built up before and replacing it with something much weaker.
3) With selfless healer if used on CD the effectiveness of your next heal is 20% and the cast time is reduced. I am thinking that if you use judgement on CD then 1 out of every 2 or 3 FoL or DLs will be effected.
  • Health pools and damage are going up while healing is going down so how effective would the extra 20% healing done to some of your heals be?
  • If used properly with the FoL glyph you toss in another 10% healing done on top of your heal that is going to go for 20% more.
  • The reduced cast time allows you to bring DL into the game at a reasonable cast time of about only .2 secs longer than a flash cast.
  • If you are able to consistintly get off the Flash glyph with a DL for an extra 30% the amount of healing would be huge.
  • The extra healing then will multiply into your Mastery obviously for pretty decent sized shields.
4) I am assuming that if gemmed and glyphed correctly for mastery you could easily reach 40% in the new prideful gear.

Is their a certain point where the value of crit significantly decreases?

My non crit DoL hits for 145k +30k in absorbs (This is with selfless healer active). This is without the Flash of light glyph on the target and with only 20% Mastery.

If I was able to add another 20% Mastery and then add in the FoL glyph, my non crit heals when using selfless healer would be more healing done than non selfless healer non maximizing mastery critical heals.

In a time where burstyness is going to be even more ridiculous, I would think you would want to do everything you can to counter mongoloid teams. So if you can get a shit ton more healing out of selfless healer and going full mastery such as 320 Mastery in everything, then would it be worth it?
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