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Mage v Mage (Wotlk)

Mage Frost Win

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#1 Cell

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Posted 24 February 2014 - 06:10 PM

Found this in my notepad graveyard from a while back and it may still be of some use to those who just don't know how to mage v mage.

|Celzea's Mage Tips|

General Tips 1v1

-Fighting Casters-

Start the duel spellstealing off the other mages buffs.
The goal is to try and get off the other mages ice barrier before he takes off yours.
Spam spellsteal until you take off their ice barrier and if u are feeling lucky go
for the mage ward. Don't spend all day on it though, often it is best to leave it there
so u don't waste too much time and mana when you could be busy doing dmg.
Once you get the ice barrier start doing damage. Pop your trinket and icy veins
macro and get rdy to shatter your enemy. But wait just a minute, what if he has a silence up?
Good question. All you have to do is silence him so that he cant silence you. So silence him
and proceed to shatter him. after the shatter u will still have another fingers of frost proc.
use it on an ice lance asap. after that you have no more fof procs for ice lancing so its
time to get some. you will then cone of cold the mage in place and cast frostfire orb so that
it can start procing fingers of frost for u to ice lance and impact stuns for u to interupt
and keep them from doing anything for a short time. at this time u should be running circles
around ur opponent spamming lances at the cone of cold u used to hold them in place.
if the cone of cold ends or breaks use frostnova and proceed to spam ice lance. u will also
be getting fingers of frost procs as well and impacts so use impact when it pops in conjunction
with the ice lances to really keep pressure going.

-Because the other mage might get your ice barrier off of you first it is a good idea to stay
at a good distance so that u can outrange them. This is so u can then wait a couple more secs
or so for another barrier to come up, and while ur waiting for them to come up put up any
other buffs that were stolen from you. go back in range rdy to spellsteal off the ice barrier
-if the other mage silences you and gets rdy to shatter you can trinket silence and silence
there frostbolt or u can trinket silence and blink behind or out of range of them. remember
that they can do this to u as well.
-if u have no novas or procs up or anything u can use this time to steal off any
buffs ur opponent has to make it easier to steal off his stuff next time u need
to spellsteal.
-Dont deep if ur opponent has blink up. wait for blink to be used so u can deep and shatter.
or u can use deep if u need to interupt ur opponent or keep him from doing anything for a short time.
note: you can also use deep while ur opponent is facing ur direction to force him to blink toward you
so that u can run to him quicker to  nova him in place for a frostfire orb or nova silence shatter to
force a block or a trinket without having to you ur pet freeze.
this also prevents ur opponent from being able to blink behind you to escape dmg if u decide to burst
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#2 midney


Posted 24 February 2014 - 06:16 PM

pretty sure frostfire orb and coc root didnt exist in wrath so this is a cata mage duelling guide

#3 Cell

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Posted 24 February 2014 - 06:18 PM

Your right sorry I wasn't sure when I made this so I just chose 1 at random... ty
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#4 Beariorn

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Posted 25 February 2014 - 07:41 PM

mage ward also, anyone remember good ol' fire and frost wards being used as dispel fodder as well as something i waste globals on even today and probably shouldnt, slow fall

inb4 turns into an i miss wrath mage thread.  I totally forgot we also used to cast frostbolt! woah, rank 1 even.
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#5 midney


Posted 25 February 2014 - 08:03 PM

dampen/amplify magic were fun too

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