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Addon Questions

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#1 Peteynice

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Posted 23 February 2014 - 09:57 PM

What addons to players typically use now in Arena? Looking for something that has utility, modular frames, and can keep track of certain spells enemies use.
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#2 Flavours

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Posted 23 February 2014 - 11:12 PM

Gladius is a must have, despite the Blizzard ui version, it lists CC's going on in the arena, Specs and classes are eaily identifiable, and cast bars are bigger so you see them easier. not to mention it lists DR's so you don't have to keep track yourself.


For a heavier version which lists Cooldowns the enemy's have, and extra info GladiusEx has proves popular, too.


I'm uncertain of your class, but if you're a spell caster or a healer, interrupt bar is pretty helpful, to monitor when the enemy has interrupts, or the files can be edited to show other CD's, as a warrior myself mine shows disarms and tremor totems.


Those two are probably the only one's i'd consider essential. An optional extra for new Arena players, if all the info being thrown around is distracting you, or you don't yet hav ethe awreness top players have, TellMeWhen can monitor your cooldowns, and Gladiatorlosa can verbally call out the other teams cooldowns. It acts as like a 4th teammate, cheering you on, calling CD's.


However, to note with these two, they have come under fire for making people worse players, and becoming addon reliant. However for new players i think it could be a helpful stepping stone.

Hope this helps.
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