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[Unholy DK] 2's dps rotation questions

dk unholy festering necrotic

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#1 Jmitch

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Posted 07 February 2014 - 06:36 AM

I recently got back into my DK for the first time since wrath and have a few arena questions regarding the rotation for unholy. I've started doing 2's and having fun so far. I'm under the impression that against a team with a healer you basically want to use festering to convert your blood/frost runes into death runes and then spam necrotic strike with all of your death runes. Use plague strike only when there's no diseases on your target and outbreak is down, use soul reaper if they're gonna be below 35% when it ticks down, otherwise use scourge strike with your unholy runes. If any of this is wrong feel free to correct me. My questions come when a team doesn't have a healer, is necrotic strike still worth using or should I just go with more festering strikes? Should I use necrotic if there's any chance at all the target will get healing like for a warlock or warrior's self healing? Can you stack the necrotic healing absorb indefinitely or does it cap at a certain point? Thanks for any help given and feel free to include anything else you might think is important.
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Posted 15 February 2014 - 03:01 AM

Necrotic has no cap (that I am aware of?) but you shouldn't stack it indefinitely usually. Necrotic is decent on casters with no healers because it slows their dps a little, probably not as good as it used to be since the casting speed slow nerf. You have the basic rotation down. Necrotic is good against wars/warlocks but don't go overboard, don't want to have wasted absorbs on them.
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