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Spriest/War/Rshaman Vs. WMD/ WM HPally

warrior shadow priest resto shaman WMD shadow res3v3 comps to holy pally

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Posted 03 February 2014 - 07:26 PM

I am looking for advice on how to beat the ever popular warrior, mage, druid (WMD) comp. I am playing the warrior in my shadow priest, warrior, resto shaman comp.

We are all gladiators and cannot consistently beat WMD.

Most games vs WMD we try to sit the mage and only switch to the warrior if I need to peel for my shaman or shadow priest briefly. If we can catch him behind the pillar we will hard switch but that does not happen often.
The problem with our comp, I feel, is the shadow priest has trouble putting out damage on the mage at the same time I can. The mage only counter spells my shadow priest and the warrior uses both stuns/ silences on him.
Usually I find my shadow priest putting out more pressure on the warrior while I am hitting the mage, which I think is our part of the problem. My Spriest usually drags the warrior behind a pillar and he ends up taking more damage from the dots the the mage does while I am hitting him. I cannot solo the mage. Sticking on the mage/ being cc'd does not seem to be part of the problem mostly just synergized burst. Individual damage is not the problem, I am never out damaged and the priest keeps up even while being trained.

We have tired sitting the warrior but then the mage has free polys all game.

Recently we have tired switching healer when I have both of my stuns of if we can get a trinket early . That is working to some degree but I think we lose 3/4 matches the WMD.

The resto shaman also has an equally geared resto druid but I think we would lose to most other teams with a druid due to the massive amount of damage the shadow priest takes against teams like KFC.

TL; DR: How does Spriest, War, Rshaman beat WMD. I am the Warrior.

Let me know what you think. Thank you.
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