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A couple MW questions

MW warlock dr

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#1 Splotch

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Posted 03 February 2014 - 12:52 PM

Hello, I just started doing arena on my very alt MW (Fourth character I play in arena at the moment, still under geared but doing 3s) and I have noticed a few things in my ~50 games played in 3s so far.

1. Our CC dr's with literally every comp it seems like. I cannot even use para as anything other then an interrupt most of the time running what I have been in 3s (Rogue/mage/me) as it is on Dr with sheeps/saps, and I run Ring of Peace so I don't DR deep freezes on our off target (Though I am not sure that is a good idea, and is the main point of t his question; should I run leg sweep or RoP as this comp?)

2. Healing through spread damage is extremely hard for me, I'm not sure if its just because of gear (Excuses ftw), if I am doing something wrong, or if MW are just bad in general against spread pressure. I"m talking about Dk/lock/healer and lock/ele/healer mainly, as soon as they have dots on everyone I basically start getting way behind, very fast. What i have been doing is spamming orbs on all three of us, trying to keep the rogue dispelled (even eating the UA) so hes not getting feared, and getting enveloping up on the person who does not seem to be there main target (As I'm orbing on them constantly)

Is that completely wrong? I've tried soothing mists and such, but its just not enough healing+opens you up to a plethora of interrupts. I keep renewing mists up as much as possible obviously.

3. I am undead so fears are a bit less of an issue, but it seems like I get cc'ed a lot more on this character then I do on any of my other healers. The people i've been playing with have monks of there own so they are good at running through orbs when I'm cc'ed, but sometimes there just are not any up from mastery, or if I am in a long cc chain, none up at all. My hot does absolutely nothing for healing, and the only thing I have is xuen really to keep my partners up while cc'ed!

4. Warlock teams: I am terrible against them on this character. They go from being a complete non-issue on my main (Depending on partner) to a complete nightmare on this one. I think I must be doing something wrong, but I have no idea what, the spread damage just overwhelms. I very rarely go OOM, it is more of a "to much damage to heal through on all three people" situation for me.

5. My monks armory is: http://us.battle.net...aleexa/advanced
Let me know if I am doing anything completely wrong with my gear, thanks!

Our main strategy playing RM/monk has mostly been completely dependent on our opener, I spend a lot of early time dps'ing with jade lightning+xuen if applicable to the situation (Mostly resto shaman/holy paladin teams I'll use really early xuen)

Thanks for your time! Sorry it got kind of long, I tend to ramble on.
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#2 Primius

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Posted 03 February 2014 - 04:48 PM

#1. Rogue/Mage/MW is not a very good comp. They do not provide much utility to you, and that is going to be a very difficult comp to play starting out as MW. Yes your CC is going to be problematic in that comp because of gouge/sap/poly.

#2. Healing through spread should be easy. Just keep enveloping mist up as much as you can. Against spread pressure teams like LSD or Shadow Cleave I just rotate enveloping on targets, and keep renewing mist up. I also run zen sphere against those type of comps as I feel it's better in those situations.

You are still a little undergeared so that probably isn't helping you either.

Just to go back to the first point I made. Healing Rogue/Mage will be very hard as Mistweaver. You have two soft targets and you do not benefit from having AoE Fear + Shields/Lightwell, or the benefit of spammable CC that druids have. So yeah healing spread damage with those two on your team is going to be very difficult.
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#3 Splotch

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Posted 04 February 2014 - 05:52 AM

Yeah that comp is my only option right now. They are at the same gear level as me, perhaps a couple ticks higher (Its all our alts, like five characters down for each of us) All other chars are alliance. I could look around for partners but I've had a couple bad experiences with OQ (Win 5-6 games, lose one, rage quit while screaming in skype, that sort of things) but I'd rather stick with people I know, even if its not a perfect comp :(

I'll keep zen sphere in mind for that.

We started at 1600 mmr together (No idea how, mage was a new character, this was a new character, not sure about rogue, think he was like max 1600 this season) and we peaked at 1790 or so, which does not sound like much I know, but healing through KFC or Phdk in full gri while they tunnel mage is quite difficult lol, even at 1790 mmr!
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#4 forumsloveme

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Posted 10 February 2014 - 03:08 AM

Zen Sphere vs Shadowcleave would actually be an interesting idea... gonna try that out too
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