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How useful exactly is spirit for holy this season?

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#1 kubu

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Posted 31 January 2014 - 12:59 AM

So I am reading everywhere that holy paladins are moving off spirit into crit. But the top paladins like elite still reforge for spirit and this has left me very confused. Can someone clarify if reforging off spirit is worth it?
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#2 Jaws

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Posted 31 January 2014 - 02:40 AM

I mainly base my reforging around the comps i'm running, if i know the games are going to usually be fast paced and the game normally won't go on for too long, I reforge into crit. However if i'm running a spell cleave like boomy/affl/hpall i'll run spirit/mastery as the games on average will be longer and i'm at a higher risk for running out of mana. I have two sets of gear that i swap out based on how i feel the games are going and where my mana is. I would recommend just testing both spirit and crit reforges and seeing what works for you.
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#3 Germla


Posted 03 February 2014 - 05:23 AM

The issue with holy paladins always has and always will be our susceptibility to crowd control. In between CCs you get one cast--make it count. For that reason, if you're ending the majority of your games (upwards of 90%) with more than 25% mana, you need to reforge out of spirit. Increasing crit/mastery will make your instant casts count for more (and instant casts are something we don't lack for). Ideally you should see more critical heals with bigger attached shields, yielding more haste-buffed Divine Lights, which do more healing than flash of light, thus giving bigger shields.

All this being said, there is an absolutely IMMENSE amount of disagreement about what you should be reforging into. If you go by numbers, six of the top 10 holy paladins are Crit, because the same guy plays three different top-10 paladins, and they're all Haste/Spirit. On the other hand, some paladins have as little as 5700 spirit, and run upwards of 30% crit and 22% unbuffed mastery. It's all dependent upon your comp/playstyle/ability, etc. If you play long games, spirit may hold more promise for you. If you're running TSG or some other fast-paced rushdown comp, go for crit/mastery, because hopefully your games won't last long enough for mana to be a problem.
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