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I want to be the best Druid I can be.

Druid Arena PvP

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#1 Anhders

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 08:33 PM

I want some advice on how to PvP/Arena as a druid. I really want to be the best at the class, not just killing or being better than everyone else, but I want to be able to fight with a team and help them the best that I possibly can. I came here for advice (Nevermind it took me about 5 years to discover this site.)

Little information about me.

-I've been playing a druid since I first started, just around the time people were settling into BC raids. I knew it was the class for me from the start.

-Leveled 2 druids to 80 and mastered the PvE aspect, all 3(now 4) trees. So I would assume that I have general knowledge of the class (I have never delved into the skill mechanics and technicalities like some.)

-Recently came back and it was a no brainer what class to level(fresh new account.)

I thought about goals, besides from the usual grinding rep and healing dungeons and raids, and came to the conclusion I actually love PvP. I love the challenge of fighting another human being, who reacts differently and is almost impossible to predict.

I have knowledge I would describe as limited to PvP. I play on Emerald Dream, and try to find as much wpvp as I can since I am still leveling (currently 47.) I figured it's good to learn things now, and get used to them while leveling as opposed to learning the hard way.

I would just appreciate some insight on the class and my responsibilities. I would ask for certain macros or key bindings but I don't want to seem needy and ask 100000 questions.

Thanks, Antiswaggot.

Edit: I chose not to put this in class specific because I would like feedback not only from druids but also from every class, and how I should play with other classes.
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