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How can one strive to be one of the best?

gladiator rank 1 arena 3v3 warrior practice skill

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Posted 10 January 2014 - 01:24 AM

Hey, I've been playing the game on and off for roughly 4 years. Most of those 4 years were me being bad, running around doing nothing. I started actually playing in Wrath at age 11 and I was terrible, but I didn't care... the game was fun and I just killed shit and jumped around in Dalaran.
I started getting serious about the game at the start of Cataclysm, and that's when I started doing arenas here and there as a frost mage. I didn't play many arenas, never fully geared my toon, basically, it was just super casual.

I would say the point where I REALLY started to arena and care about it was season 10, I played a night elf warrior. I did RBG's here n there but I really loved arena. Through that first real arena season I played, I achieved a rating of 2023 with kitty cleave. I felt real good about being a 2k+ player, and I felt esecially confident because I had achieved it in my first season of real arena.

Since that season, I've messed around with DK a little bit, getting almost 2k with several comps. Nothing hardcore at all. I achieved 2200 in RBG's as DK (which I no longer consider a very big feat, nonetheless it was something for my second season of WoW).

After that, I sat back and didn't do much in the game. I ended up selling my account before MoP.

Since then, I casually arena'd on friend's accounts in parts of MoP. And NOW I have re leveled my beloved warrior- and I am now trying to get very serious in arena. My dream is to become one of the best, someone that will be in the top 10. Maybe a tournament player some day. I'm now almost 16 and I feel that I'm capable of becoming a great player, as are most people.

-----I want to stop and thank you for reading if you've read this far!-----

So now, let's set a specific goal, with followup questions.

To become a gladiator:

-How should one practice to get really good? (duels/lots of arenas?)

And lastly, how did you get good? Is it possible for one to achieve the status of being able to play in high level tournaments, perhaps blizzcon by practicing and really starting now? I mean most of the blizzcon/rank 1 players I've seen or talked to started arena'ing hardcore WAY back... how do I stand a chance?

Sorry for the insanely long post, but this is something I've set my heart to and I want to achieve it. Of course I'm focusing on doing decent in school and maintaining friends, but I really want high level arena to be a part of my life. Seeing the guys that contribute to skill capped, and even the guys that have the honor to live in the SC gaming house, it really motivates me to become something great.

Thanks all, i really appreciate any replies
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Posted 10 January 2014 - 02:12 PM

Hi, I may not be the indicated person to reply as obviously im not super good, but from what I have noticed, most very good players and I stress MOST but not all, they stick to a class for a long time, mybe they will drop that class one season or so when its weak, but for most of the time, they have Years and I mean Years in /Played on the same class, they perfect the class to a point where you are focused on the arena and not on the class anymore.

Obviously there is also awereness, knowing whats going to happen before it happens, super good communication, as in (I am cloned Half) etc.

and obviously it helps playin with other minded players like you, they will help you raise your game as you will help them.
What people advise alot is to fraps your games and watch them afterwards, there are alot of mistakes you miss or you dont ralise you did them untill you watch your own games.
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