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KFC vs certain comps


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#1 robbiesla


Posted 30 December 2013 - 01:01 PM

Hey, just wanting some opinions on how to deal with certain comps as KFC (with a shaman)

The biggest problem is against RMD (or good RMP!)
Our most successful strategy (not all that successful) is running bladestorm/stormbolt and going ham on their opener while ccing the druid, but if the druid uses his ice block and trinket on the opener to keep up the pressure then they usually get a kill anyway (the mage usually blocks in the opener but if they are good they get out a few seconds later and just keep the pain train going.

I've heard the typical answer is to go ham off first trap and get the team to panic so much that they can't continue the pain train, but our shaman usually dies a little before the dk should. Seems like we can't spend more than a global or two on peeling or we'll lose the pressure we need to make them play less aggressively. Something we're missing?

war-DPS shaman-healer
Kind of hard to get traps with both shamans and warriors having pretty good ability to eat them. Is there anything i'm missing? or just stick to trying to cross cc the shaman and war to make it impossible to eat traps?

Mage/WW Monk/healer
Maybe It's just because we don't see the comp often and havn't nailed it yet, but we try spending most of our time on the mage but our hunter has trouble getting any cc going with the monk training him. Should we be spending more time making quick switches to the monk? or do we just need to be more mindful with our cross cc on him when we're going for cc or the killing blow.

I know it's a bit out there to ask for help against so much at once, but I appreciate any and all of your thoughts
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#2 jaimee

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Posted 30 December 2013 - 01:26 PM

Don't have time to answer all of them, but I will try my best to help.

RMX: For this one, fear the druid as soon as you can - if it's a priest, your hunter's first priority is dispelling ward from him so you can fear. Pop reck on the mage to force atleast one block wiith a wyvern on the rogue - after this it really is just waiting and setting up traps, the secret is in fearing and using cds early. Also make sure your warrior is using the tyr meta gem.

TSG: Use all cc on warrior, raw damage can kill the dk with maybe a silence on the healer.

WXS: Use scatter>hex warrior and a SB>Trap on healer. kill dps.

Mage/WW: never faced it ever.

play double stun for pretty much everything
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