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Tips for Frost Mage Play...


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#1 Gelidite


Posted 10 December 2013 - 11:48 PM

I play with a BM Hunter / H Pal / Frost Mage (me)
I usually try to CC healers as much as possible, or CC another DPS (mainly wars) if they start putting out a lot of pressure. I also use Alter when I have BF and 2 Fingers of Frost... use orb/trinket as much as possible. Frost mage is easy (wish I could play fire in 3s really).

Not sure what our issue is... we get stuck between 1700-1750 :(. Lock teams seem to be an issue for us, and warrior/melee teams wreck me (hopefully war changes will help me).

Frost Mage - http://us.battle.net...nderling/simple
BM Hunter - http://us.battle.net...h/Jimven/simple
H Pal - http://us.battle.net...h/Arlane/simple
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#2 Razghul

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Posted 11 December 2013 - 12:13 AM

There's almost little to no use for glyph of evocation in 3v3, the polymorph glyph would be much better!
You could also try playing with the deepfreeze glyph instead of the iceblock one
You only need 6% hit - try to get as close as possible to that number, never below.

You have to take into consideration, you're not exactly playing world's best comp, cookie cutter warrior mage druid would certainly add 100+ rating instantly :P your gear isn't full grievous yet either

As for lock teams, I usually play fire, but when I'm occasionally frost I find it very easy to kill the pets, as soon as they're dead, the warlocks die so easy

Against warrior/melee teams what you could try if you really can't get them off you, is play with blazing speed (switch before the gates open if you see warrior/feral) or whatever - OR - drag the melee behind a pillar when they're 'overextending', have your hunter trap theire healer as he's free to do so with the dps focusing on you, then quickly orb, deep, nuke them & profit - they're guaranteed to trinket/wall/cloak/whatever if you put out some decent pressure, you might even kill them there if they have no cooldowns left.

Best advice I can give you is watch some proper high end arenas frost mage point of view to gain overall knowledge of frostmages and not just a specific strategy for a specific comp - try Venruki's stream or Jahmilli's for example, look at what they're doing when they're setting up for a kill, if they're constantly in line of sight with theire healer when they're pushing in (most people just seem to tunnel these days, get stuck out line of sight and die) when they're being trained - pay attention to everything really, and ask yourself why they might be doing this or that, or ask them! They'll most likely reply kindly.

- Razghul

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#3 Gelidite


Posted 12 December 2013 - 04:42 AM

Iceblock glyph I think is amazing. I agree with the poly glyph, but I am usually good about no DOT on the healer. I thought it was 7%, I changed that immediately thank you! We are at 1735... highest 1757 now!
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#4 joaq

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Posted 09 January 2014 - 08:55 AM

Iceblock glyph I think is amazing.

its only good if your teammates are bad at peeling for you, glyph of deep is amazing against ferals and warrs. gyph of evo seems to indicate same thing.. i use those same when playing with scrubs- amazing in that case. also amazing in random BGs but not necessarily in arenas with decent mates.
another thing, while alter time is amazing setting up a kill its also great defensively so dont hesitate to use it defensively it they go on you ( which they usually must do ). it'll be up soon anyway

then ur gemming.. IMO you can ignore socket colours if the bonus is not INT. pvp power in my mind is not worth it- just put 160 INT to em
also dont reforge out of mastery as frost- free damage is free damage
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#5 Gelidite


Posted 08 February 2014 - 06:37 PM

Thanks for the tips. I actually went back to fire and I am using the deep freeze glyph and using alter time defensively... and we are at 1928 now :)
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#6 dominera

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Posted 04 March 2014 - 03:35 PM

I think you should start using alter time correctly when you are going offensive. It could be used defensive as well, and sometimes you have to, but you shouldnt aim to use it that way. You are not supposed to save it solely for the reason to be defensive, sometimes the situation requires it but it is an offensive tool and it should be used that way.

If you want you could check out my mage guide, even though its mainly aimed towards frost im sure you could find something of use
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