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WMD new Mage problems

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Posted 05 December 2013 - 01:15 PM

Hey guys,

at first thanks for taking the time reading this topic and a big thanks in advance
for answering.

I cant post my armory, but i only got 4/5 set pieces and weapons.

I've been playing Mage for the first time in 3s yesterday, before i only farmed my 10k points cap in 2s with a ret paladin. im telling you this so you understand that im most possibly doing some major errors, because capping the mage with a ret in 2s meant going mongoloid style and not playing really.

So yesterday i played 3s for the first time as mage and we went up to about 1.7k as WMD, what was quite nice for my first 3s on mage, but there were some issues you might be able to help me with:
Against all melee cleaves, hell even against any team that has a warrior my damage was always the lowest of all 4 dd's. In short matches, my damage is always top notch, but it seems to me outside my 1 min cd's my damage is really low. I dont really know what to do if i dont have FoF procs up, and im really nervous because i take a shitload of damage and as im mainly playing heal my instinct seems to be more on surviving than on doing damage. So im mainly casting poly's, RoF's and stuff to survive.

In short: How do i keep damage up outside of CD's, and do you guys think its more of an question of experience as DD/mage or am i doing something major wrong?

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