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Trial of the gladiator ideas and thoughts!(ingame tournament)

Tournament TotG Trial of the gladiator arena ladder blizzard

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#1 Yuza

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Posted 15 November 2013 - 06:54 PM

Trial of the gladiator as an once a week ingame tournament with the normal ladder untouched.

I have some ideas how i think you should do , I also want people to discuss and say what they think of my ideas and also post their own ideas.

1. Keep the arena ladder as it is with rewards and achivements and so on. With or without gear farm. But i pref that you stick with how it is right now.

Consequences regarding gear in "Normal ranked arena ladder" :

Good consequenses:
Its both good and bad if you are gonna implement free gear without any effort , Good because players doesnt have to spend endless hours of bg farming and conquest gear catch up and its most likely easier to balance the pvp enviroment around fully geared classes.

Bad consequenses:
The bad part whould be that its easier for everyone to FOTM even more than people are doing now , Just because there is no effort or time needed to farm gear. That will result in that we are gonna que into same classes mostly of the times we play and thats kinda boring. Im not saying its not easy to FOTM now , But it will be easier with that change.

2. Implement "Trial of the gladiator" (ingame tournament).
This feature should be available 1 time each week ,Everyone should have same gear so its fair for everyone that participates (full pvp gear only) and where people can QUE for 3 hours , When 3 hours of queing is done , then the "Trial of the gladiator" system will let the top 10 teams keep queing with a winner and looser bracket (similar too blizzcon tournament) Wich also should be visible at one new trial of the gladiator ladder page here on armory. When the trial of gladiator is done then the winners get prizes.

1st place: $ Amount added to Bnet account balance OR some unique prize for TotG only
2nd place: $ Amount added to Bnet account balance OR some unique prize for TotG only
3rd place: $ Amount added to Bnet account balance OR some unique prize for TotG only

They should also implement a ingame spectator mode for everyone to watch at when the top 10 teams going on similar like Dota 2 have with just ingame sound etc.

They had something similar like this in WC3 where people could que on 1v1 and 2v2 tournaments once a week or so instead of queing normal ranked ladder. I cant remember tho if they had any prizes , But as far as i can remember , it didnt matter if i ended up on 4689th place , Since it was so freakin fun to join anyway and u had a new chance next week.

Personally i whould freakin love it if they did it like this , Since i really like competition and it whould feel exciting and challenging and tons of fun to be in a tournament like this once a week instead of only doing normal ranked ladder. And i whould really look forward to participate to this every single week! Same as i did in wc3 with those ingame tournaments!

Please do not go ham on eachother about arena xp in this thread , Let everyone have their ideas and thoughts on what they wanna see in the new expansion WoD regarding the new feature Trial of the gladiator.

In this thread we discuss how we want Trial of the gladiator to be like and nothing else! :) Since its still under development and its still unclear how the final product will look like on release.

What do you guys think of making the "trial of the gladiator" like this and keep our current arena ladder as it is?

EDIT : People might wonder what happens if 100 teams ending up with for example 10-0 games and same team rating when 3 hours is done?

To solve this they should not use normal mmr for this , Instead use a system that que teams into teams with same win loss score, For example 100 teams with 10-0 win/loss face eachother , That will endup with 50 teams with 11-0 when those matches are done , Then they face eachother until its 10 teams left that will compete on the "final" trial of the gladiator ladder when 3 hours of queing is done, This means that if you loose one game in those 3 hours que then ur team is pretty much out of the competition but with some luck they still have a small chance to end up in top 10 final trial of the gladiator ladder matches

I posted this on Bnet Eu forums also but i cant link that here , its under Arena and rated battlegrounds forum with same topic name.
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