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DK/Monk vs DK/RShamy

DK Monk Shamy Shaman Death Knight Resto Restoration 2v2

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Posted 06 November 2013 - 09:47 AM

Hello Ladies,

so, I was queueing some DK/MWMonk tonight, and we got farmed down by a DK/RShamy team. The way I see it, our problem was the following: As the DK was swapping around with Necro spam on both of us, I couldn't provide our team with enough HpS through HoTs, since they were instantly purged off by the shaman. Therefore, I had to rely on Sphere spam, which eventually lead to me running out of mana when I had no CDs left to compensate swaps, giving them the kill after I was unable to regain any mana (lack of Chi generation -> lack of chi to spend -> lack of mana tea stacks). To be fair, we're both not fully geared, and the enemy DK is currently the 2nd highest EU DK in 3s, I still feel there should've been a way to win the game, so I'm kinda looking for mistakes from MY side, not knowing exactly what my DK did (played without skype).

If it matters, the armoury links:


The DK I played with


Enemy healer


Enemy DK


Thanks in advance already for your replies, any help is appreciated.
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