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WW / Affi 2s

affliction warlock windwalker monk

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Posted 29 October 2013 - 11:21 PM

Hey guys

I know we are probably making it hard for ourselves going with Windwalker / Affliction in 2s however healer/dps is absolutely hell considering the bracket is already very retarded.

Running with Dark regen / SF / SL / Blood Horror or Will / Supreme / Darkness
Rocking weps and 3 pieces grevious and neck off piece with double trinket bonus
Use spell lock against most teams, swap to succubus for double meele teams and spam seduce one

Just looking for any help anyone can give, I'd like to know if it really is impossible to reach over 2k with this. Currently stuck at 1700-1800 MMR, any half brain warrior healer or DK healer team tends to beat us. This includes keyboard turning priest that start the game with fear ward etc etc.

General strat against these open ham on war/dk with demon soul dots on both, shadowfury both into howl both or shadowfury priest with leg sweep on war / dk into fear on priest forcing trinket or will or ward. Repeat until their cds are exhausted and kill whoever is lowest, shadowfury lets us get a decent fear chain on most healers once trinket is down and we kill most this way, i ofc gateway storm reck avatar gargoyle w/e but leaping after me is a bitch.

Also any decent zerg double dps such as feral / war tends to rape me ( im the warlock btw) in a matter of seconds. Faced this comp, feral popped incarnation - blood horror then portal, then had to gateway and warrior just leaps after me and reck storms.

Any advice be really appreciated, sorry for the wall of text, Thanks again.
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