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rdruid warr 2s / 3s

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#1 nethqz

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Posted 25 October 2013 - 11:28 AM

i recently started playing my 1800 rdruid alt again and although i enjoy the playstyle a lot im a bit confused atm. my hots dont heal for shit anymore (3stack lifebloom 4k, rejuv 10k, regrowth 40k) and my warrior mate seems to have a hard time killing anything without me going really aggressive (double cyclone into stun [+fear] while helping him burst with hotw and keeping faerie fire up on his targets). if i on the other hand get caught in a bad spot (e.g. trap into fear/warr fear into pala stun) its almost impossible for me to get him topped without regrowth spam in tree form. i literally spammed regrowth 6-7 times uninterrupted on my mate who dropped to 30% yesterday and couldnt even get him up to 50% (against warr healmonk, no off cd's popped on their side)

is it even worth it anymore to "waste" 3 globals for livebloom or 1 global for wild growth?

its even worse in 3's (rdruid - warr - ret / rdruid - mage - ret). even with full hots, ironbark and cenarion ward, standing on top of my mushroom i often have to spam regrowth to keep them alive. god forbid i get cc'ed and/or they switch to my other dps. and even if they dont im running low on mana VERY fast this way while the enemy rsham/priest/pala sits happily at 60%+ mana with <half the amount of healing i've done.

another problem i had yesterday were mirror matches. while i usually have no problems kiting warriors i had 2 games yesterday where the other warrior managed to stick to me despite displacement beast out of direct los, nature's grasp (he managed to successfully spellreflect it 3 times :o), barkskin, bash, ns cyclone (trinketed), might of ursoc, ironbark and stampeding roar. to prove to my warrior that i usually have no problem dealing with warriors we duelled a few times. if i was allowed to pillar it was a complete joke, i was even able to stealth with ease. even if i stayed open field on purpose it was rather easy, i would have killed him before he killed me and was never in any danger.

sorry for the wall of text, any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

/e: armory
- druid (Nthqz-eu)
- warrior (Blumtopf-eu)
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#2 denked

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Posted 26 October 2013 - 04:03 AM

I havn't played properly in a bit however iirc battle fatigue does not work in duels correctly, so it would be better to do some practise wargames to get a more realistic picture.

On the topic of surviving warriors I find DR to be a more viable pick that Bash. This is because it has no chance missing/parry while still giving the needed time to get a clone off (this is also easier to do when you take SotF instead of Tree of Life however you cannot fall too far behind if you do). The only time I would take bash when playing with a warrior is if he was going bloodbath/bladestrom and he needed the extra lockdown. I would also avoid it in the comps you play for 3's as both dps have stuns and when playing with a mage DR used offensivly can let them save DF.

Healing can be hard or easy depending on the comp you play or the partners you play with. For 2's other than the warrior playing more defensively when you are going to sit a long cc chain and/or doing his best to interupt it the best thing to focus on is not letting yourself get behind. I havn't played 3's yet apart from some games playing random fun comps.

I mostly use nature's grasp after I have gotten rid of the normal SR, most often behind a pillar. On the other hand it can also be used to bait out the SR so you can clone somewhat easier.

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