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Why would it be such a crime to have another viable rogue spec for arena?

mut mutilate assassination rogue spec viability

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#21 kannetixx

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Posted 02 March 2014 - 05:02 AM

i dont know if im alone in this but i feel like blizzard trying to make all 3 specs viable is where the game went to shit... yeah i get that people want to try new things and do different things with specs but i remember a time when arcane / fire was pve and frost was pvp... the moment the started trying to tweak it so it went well with EVERYTHING is where they went wrong and until they can get THAT right then i would rather them just keep it so at least ONE SPEC is viable compared to obliterating the game and making ALL 3 overly confusing / overpowered.
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#22 Neosaurfang

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Posted 02 March 2014 - 05:07 AM

Blizzard seems hell bent on keeping sub competitive enough for arenas by boosting damage on Sang, eviscerate and ofc sub always has dance which means lots of control and burst on a short CD.

It has been some time, over 2 years since we have seen another spec have any relevance in serious pvp.

In wrath mutilate was a strong contender and in tbc Combat was very effective alongside hemo builds.

I think all 3 specs should be viable or at least have 2 optimal choices like most classes do.

Warriors are in the same boat its arms or bust for pvp.

I dont think it would take much to make combat or mutilate viable again for arenas.

Being a mutilate lover id love to see this spec shine again, its doing alot better having prep back and access to mobility but the damage just got nerfed by 5 percent and Vendetta is a terrible cooldown.

Its removed by Bubble and iceblock and cant be redirected and has no use other than a damage increase with a somewhat long CD of 2 minutes.

I say lower the CD and put it on the rogue not on target and Id like some old things like cold blood back please.

Would it be so bad if for once another spec was any good? Sub had all of cataclysm and so far all of this xpac too what gives.

Love mutilate always have but without a doubt its garbage compared to sub still.

Mind if i ask what rating you are playing at currently? - Depending on your answer I will reply differently.
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#23 Capers

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Posted 02 March 2014 - 06:19 AM

It's not easy blowing every cooldown to "control" a target that's AFK on timeless isle or fail to surpass 1750 in 2s. Great example.

God forbid you actually contribute something useful for once.
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