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#1 Rohle

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Posted 19 October 2013 - 07:11 PM

Me and my arenamates need some help to play RMP. We won a lot of games but the higher you go the harder it gets.So here are my questions:

What is the general strat? (maybe we dont use the best strat :P)
Do you tunnel healers or is it bether to go on the dps?
What is the best opener on a healer from a mage perspectiv ( do i cast a shatter combo, or put living bomb on the target before, or do i go straigth for the orb?)
What is the best way to line up your control on a healer if you go on a dps?
What is the best way to control a healer if you go on him? (order of garrote, kidney, cheapshot, deepfreeze, and cs)

It would also be verry helpful if someone could post links to guides or videos that help to improve your play as RMP
thanks in advance :)
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