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observations from an arena noob.

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Posted 03 October 2013 - 12:24 PM

So, after a few expansions i have decided to bin PvE to focus more on PvP. I have played some arenas in the past, but i am FAR from what you could call experienced. However, since i have started to play arenas, i am now noticing a few things that leave me scratching my head. Now, i know the vast majority of these will probably be a L2P issue and i do accept that, but honestly my mind is blown.

So, with out wasting anymore of your time, i will simply list the problems ive noticed in my brief time in arena.

1) DPS selfheals

Now, this one really confuses me. Last time i checked, the job of a dps was to dps and healing was left to healers. Now it seems almost every class has some sort of self heals. Locks are able to heal themselves with relative ease and for large amounts. DKs, sitting in blood presence with conversion ticking away. Warriors and their second wind. Rogues with recuperate.

Im not saying that these are all OP or anything like that, i am just totaly confused why DPS have self heals at all?

Does anyone remember what a bandage is anymore?

2)Hybrid Off Healing

I decided to play my enhancement shaman last night in 2s with a warrior friend. The games we won was down to me using maelstrom proc to heal my partner, combined with healing stream and healing tide totems. A bit later on, i logged my priest for some disc/warrior fun, and ran into a feral/ret team. Well this game was 1 big joke. the feral was healing like a boss with PS+HT and the ret with FoL off heals. Now i was doing my best to dispel the PS but as they were both trying to focus me down, i was unable to waste a GCD to dispel when i was more in need of the healing. I mean, Selfless Healer is a talent that i can see being useful, but the buff per stack to FoL needs to be removed. Yet again, if you want to heal, roll a healer. We won this one eventually btw.

3)Being able to do good damage with no LoS?

Yes, im referring to the good old BM hunter here. His pets are hitting for as hard as my melee (enhancement shammy again) yet, the player in control of said pet, does not need LoS to control the pet? What, is it a radio controlled pet now? Anyways, we killed the pet and as we proceeded to the hunter his team m8 landed a rather nice fear on us ( my fault for being to close to my partner at the time). By the time it was off, the pet was resurected again, despite hunter not having to expose himself to us or even his pet once.

Well, that's my lot. I know it may seem like a QQ thread but i assure you it's not. More of a list of simple observations that caused some WTF moments.
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Posted 03 October 2013 - 12:40 PM

Im going to explain the situation of arena and why you must use heals to stay alive.

in the situation of today you even as DPS must figure out ways to increase your survival thus too some extend saving a trinket or a heavy CD so your healer can use it later to cover when the enemy team uses their CD's to burst you down.

Lets say your playing 2v2 and your rocking 2 dps vs a healer dps team, yes they have alot more survival cooldowns in their arsenal therefore you must figure out a way to deal with the constant pressure your team will take inorder to force the set amount of cds that the enmey team has to survive.

so lets say your vs a holypala warrior, inorder to kill the warrior you will need the holypaladin in control and if you look at the holypaladins cds that lets him get out of a CC its bubble and trinket, the paladin is sure to keep hes warrior alive when he has these up. (unless ofc messup) so you will need to live long enough for the paladin to use these and this is not counting the warriors survival cds such as shield wall/stuns/retalitation etc the list goes, so if you dont play smart and force cds at the correct times you wont kill him. Also since he has such a large arsenal of survival cds esp with a healer you have to live longer and you healing/kiting/stunning/cc to extend the game will increase your rate of sucsess.

Hybrids have as mentioned a large arsenal of healing cooldowns and using these smart together with your healer (3v3) can save a pressured situation such as a warrior popping avatar to burst or icy veins from a mage, keeping a close eye on this and using the proper cd (as a hybrid) can extend the match or allowing your friend to survive the burst w/o popping anything.

(I wrote this without checking grammar or misstakes so spelling errors deal with it)
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Posted 03 October 2013 - 02:03 PM

well constructed response. Thank you for taking the time to write it, has given me a new perspective to look at it from :)
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