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Holy Priest LF help about proper positioning and CC most

Holy Priest

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Posted 05 September 2013 - 08:59 AM

Hi every1, i came back to WoW after a few years break, before the pause i was playing hunter up to 2.1k, nothing special, now i rolled a Priest and i have been playing arena for the last 4/5 weeks. Got full gear, and started to LF for some nice guys to play with, i ended up finding some1 decent, some others awful, and some others good players, like the last 1 i played with....

now comes my request, when i reached 1.9/2k MMR i was costantly out of good position and like always CCed by the other opponent healer, and of course the guys i was playing with were complaining for that, with the right to do that, cause i know they are right.....

Is there any quick/right way to elarn about positioning? i know that i should watch streams/video and play much more be4 asking this, but it s frustating that we lose only cause of my bad positioning, i know that we could easy overcome them but then i fail and we lose.

I use keybindings, very few macros and a few addons to help, but i still can t manage to use modifiers on key, i just click on party frames and heal, or cc via clicking as well...

i know im a big noob yet, it s just that hearing the guys complaining at me and insulting me mad me think that im very bad and that s why im here to ask for help, thank u for ur assistance.

The character is: EU-Frostmane Sélen, i can t verify the car atm cause im at work in pause....
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