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Fixing AJ

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#1 Emperor_Earth


Posted 30 August 2013 - 04:38 AM

After seeing the POST re: too much stuff being on the front page receive some traction, I wanted to pitch in a few thoughts because I like AJ and I like WoW PVP.

1) Condense
2) Focus
3) Update

1) More is not better. In fact, most times it's less.

Some subforums get little-no activity. Posts go there to die.
Furthermore, some are redundant. Redundant is bad.
More choices invites confusion. More choices overwhelms. It makes things harder.
Redundancy invites confusion. Combined, more, redundant choices makes people less sure they chose correctly.
Imagine if each choice was part of a multiple choice question. And instead of A,B,C,D,E, you have choices all the way to Z. Good luck!
In fact, research shows that as the # of choices increase above 6, confidence that achoice was correct sharply decreases. Ideally, you should be in the 3-4 range.

Confusion is bad.

Consider how one builds a vent server. When only 5 users frequent it an hour, they don't have 50 rooms. They have 2-5. When more come, they add more. When less come, they subtract a few. Adapt to your traffic, albeit more stably than a vent admin might.

2) Don't try to please everyone. Pick your niche. Or your separate niches will go to those who better cater to them.

Do you want people to be respectful here? Or is trolling idiots okay?
Do you want to focus on helping people improve a la skill-capped? Or be a content hub like WarcraftMovies? Or be a place where there's a clear delineation between being someone worth watching and being someone not worth watching: Twitch?

There is a clear lack of direction @ AJ. What is the core selling point of AJ? What do you want to be the primary reason that users come here? There's rumblings that participation is trending down. A faction is trying to save it and nabbing the trolls as the problem. The trolls are lamenting the degradation in average participant's skill level.

Pick a side. Sitting on the fence doesn't work for long. It leads to problems in important places.

3) Make sure the stuff you have is relevant. WoW is patch/season based. Even better, your typical user knows which patch/season is current. (Most software programmers would kill to have your average user knowledge)

Have every guide/post be marked with its patch. Archive the old stuff.

**Tags are an idea that can solve some major issues you have but also bring with them their own issues.

But start by asking yourselves these questions

1) What is our site's goal?
2) Who do we want to use our site?
3) How do we want them to use our site?

When you answer these questions, it becomes easier to decide whether to partner with other providers or to compete against them. You don't want to alienate another presence in the WoW playground just because you mistook them for a competitor when you weren't sure what your core competency was.

So, is MMO-Champion a competitor?
How about Skill-Capped?
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Posted 10 September 2013 - 03:32 AM

#2 is extremely accurate, and it's something I have been questioning for quite some time
The issue needs to be deliberated and has been put off for far too long.
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