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death knight unholy rotation death strike necrotic dots

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#1 dookieballer

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Posted 19 August 2013 - 12:03 AM

so ive been looking around here and with the patch changes coming up it seems like people say the 'dot pressure' that supposedly tops arena damage charts is easily healed and things about 'significant damage', (i think the player cov called it something else but basically that there is some extra dps that doesnt do much) as in damage that is important in securing a kill
ik rotation are situational especially vs melee or caster but pls look with regard to openings/times where ppl get raped fast:

rotation 1 - plagues (by outbreak or plague str.) , festerings, scourges, death coils(?*)necrotics - repeat
rotation 2- plagues (...), icy, bb, icy, bb, scourge/s, necros
rotation 3- it is clear u wont get an opening mostly in 2s (for points) by either of the above rotations bc nothing exceptional can even happen yet, so why should i not just get plagues up and just death strike/bb with all my runes until i have stacks for transformation? death strike has good heals and seems to have about equal damage ~ equal to icy+scourge without trinkets for the kill

more clearly, why should a player use 1 or 2 when 3 offers more survivability with about equal kill probability (none), + u still get aoe spread from blood boils

this would be to secure stacks for transformation and conserve rp for better lichborne heals or u can use them on ranged since u cant death strike mages etc without gripping them

pls offer ur opinions/support/ constructive criticism etc thank u

edit: additionaly, why not open with gargoyle? for example when a rogue or feral opens on me shouldnt i jsut pop gargoyle since it would put on some counter pressure instead of just getting 100-0d?

edit 2: the goal is to secure 'burst' (as a dk it just seems like x2 or x3 dots but if ur timing it with necros it is significantly better but still idk how much i want to call it bursting....) optimal burst being to have trinket+gargoyle+transformed pet at the same time + that you are able to prioritize necros
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#2 Influence123

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Posted 19 August 2013 - 10:13 PM

The reason is in arena offensive pressure is extremely important. This is why most 2k teams are just train wrecked by 2500+ teams, because their coordinated CC with their offensive pressure just completely overwhelmes their entire team.

If you start out with death strikes your damage will be so low that their healer will minimally have to heal his team. This means one of two things

1. Instead of being forced to heal he will either be able to go offensive (this means him being able to help with CC, and help out with his own damage)


2. Since he barely has to heal he will have really amazing positioning by a pillar meaning you will land much less CC on their healer.

Both of these things are extremely bad. Arena is about swaying the balance to your favor. You want them to use up all of their defensives before you use up all of yours. If you do not have any pressure you will not push any defensives. In fact by your theory you will only force their defensives once every 3 minutes. By the time you burst next time all of their defensives will be back up off cooldown.

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#3 dookieballer

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Posted 20 August 2013 - 03:36 AM

Thanks i played some good games today 16-13 with a feral druid and i really just found myself using death strikes if i have missing hp and to delayusing pact and my plagues are up so basically fighting melees if theyre hitting me so i can tank for the feral/ outlast cds.
I also use COI more than i used to mostly cause its godo for rp but the trade of better DT +kiting some damage is worth a necro
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