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2v2 rogue/mage need guidance desperately.

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#1 Gobstopper

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Posted 06 August 2013 - 06:01 PM

Yes, playing this setup, might not be AS viable , but we're having fun.

Playing sub/Frost, not sure if sub is the best option but.

Hopefully we can get some advice / hints and thus progressing some in 2s, doing this because we want to learn how to play rogue mage and eventually getting a priest for RMP.

Now, our opener is, at times, sick. Global a warrior but, we've got real issues with how both of us should open to maximise our dps, the mages burst skills such as "Frost bomb" breakes my blind, really annoying. Currently sitting at 1700 ish and it just feels like our burst is out the window.

My opener for example with my current spec is.

Sap healer - tricks mage- premed snd - CS - rupture - Dance/trinket/SD - ambush - evic - mfd - evis - ambush- ambush - evc.

Not sure if this is right, but my burst is pretty decent.

Need some advice from both classes if possible, and wich ones to open on, Always the dps?

Anything with a hunter is retarded. Dpriest just wont go down thus its not a viable burst target, always stacking that absorb with flash heal before we even get a chance to get close and start the burst.

Anyway, hope some of you got some constructive criticism wich would help us out in our progression.

Any help is appreciated, including gem talent openers for both classes and what to do against different comps and whatnot. pretty desperate atm.

- Gob
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