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Would anyone post on the US PTR forums for me?

ww windwalker monk ptr forum post issue balance change buff

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#1 Neverever

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Posted 20 July 2013 - 11:50 AM

I'm thinking of going through all the ww monk posts over the last couple of months and identifying/summarising all problems and solutions that have been suggested here and putting them in one post because, especially recently, there have been many good topics and ideas that weren't there before.

Reason I'd like to post on US forums and post now is because they obviously don't read eu forums and recently this was posted in the warrior us ptr thread:


You may think I'm naïve to believe this at face value but on the one hand they seem to be making changes recently because people have been more vocal about issues e.g. the rogue whine podcast every sunday hence rogue buffs and on the other Lore is Devolore who actually played the game as a regular player for years before becoming CM so I can see how he would actually care about player issues and do what he says he's going to do.

Monk is not a class many people play, at least not as a main, and if there are problems with it they just don't get heard or addressed since no one really speaks up about them as the community of passionate people is not sizable for this class.

I'm pretty sure if no one writes anything on official forums there will be no appropriate or impactful changes to ww monks in this PTR.

I'd maybe also suggest to mw monks to do the same because of serious pvp nerfs like the mana tea change happening now.
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id love to be playing the same game as you where hunters and ferals are the biggest counters to mages

#2 Neverever

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 09:10 AM

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id love to be playing the same game as you where hunters and ferals are the biggest counters to mages

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