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Combat in 5.4

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#21 Oldman2a

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Posted 17 August 2013 - 09:59 AM

Nerf, up, Nerf, up..
What's the problem with rogue ?!
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#22 6VDT

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Posted 30 August 2013 - 01:57 AM

It's been how many years since combat was viable in PvP? Last time Combat was worth anything in PvP was BC. Mace spec anyone? Yes, Combat can be a PvP spec now, just needs more coordination and patience.. and practice, time, effort, luck and so on. *Most* people go Sub.. not because it's easier, necessarily, but because it's more rewarding. I ran with a Combat rogue in 2s recently. It was easier for us to separate the targets, I was a Disc Priest, fear/MC. Hell, could just MC.. Anyway, what bothers me is there are so many other classes that have an "i win" button.. as described earlier. Sure, requires thought and setting up, but you think that 5.4 Combat KS wont? "Alright, we got a mage and a shadow priest... Open on the spriest make it blow it's dispersion... then KS if it works... ect." And, can't forget the mage... going to have to cc him... or else you're getting cc'd. It's like every thread I read people forget about the partner in 2s. It's all focused on the target that happens to get KS.

There are ways to get out of KS you know. Look at the other classes and try to figure out how they could get out of a KS. Off the top of my head we got a Paladin, Hunter, Spriest, Rogue... not to mention virtually every class that has some damage reduction CD they can use to help mitigate the damage. Oh they're stunned by that Kidney shot? That's okay, cause I hear there are classes that can still cast surv CDs while stunned.
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