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5.4 PTR Reflective Shield

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#21 Smeet

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Posted 18 July 2013 - 11:39 PM

There's no way that this damage is from 1 shield. The damage (halving crit values) would require a shield for 163k shielding (this is ignoring resilience, which should be cutting the damage you take by 65%, so, we are really talking over 300k shielding). Even on our best crits, they aren't that big.

If it is from 1 shield. There's probably a bug causing it to ignore resilience... report it and move on.


Some Math:

In your screenshot, you triggered approximately 114k damage from reflective shields (i halved the crits)

This 114k damage should have been reduced by resilience, meaning before resilience, reflective shield needed to deal 327k damage (114 / .35 = 327)

this 327k damage was 70% of the damage absorbed, so divide it by .7 to get the total value of the shields, which would be 467k. I dont know of any PW:S cast ever that shielded for 467k.

If it was ignoring resilience entirely, you'd still be looking at a PW:S for 163k, which is still a very high value, and suggests a lot of cooldown + trinket stacking to get it that high.

It would be easy to test if it was ignoring resilience. Find any priest with the glyph, hit them once, if the damage reflected is 70% of what you hit them for, it's ignoring resilience, but it doesn't appear to be, since those reflect values look more like what I would expect out of the reflections of a smite spamming holy priest, and not a dps class if it were ignoring resilience.

#22 Djandawg

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Posted 19 July 2013 - 01:00 AM

I think this glyph is intended for shadow since they are losing their damage reduction. They are freeing a glyph slot for Dark Binding:

Leap of Faith no longer lists a Shadowform restriction.
Prayer of Mending now can be cast in Shadowform and Spirit of Redemption
Renew now can be cast in Shadowform and Spirit of Redemption

#23 Blaxe

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Posted 19 July 2013 - 01:22 AM

What about this glyph in combination with 5.4 Divine Insight?

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