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Outdated Ideas? Death Knight Runeforging

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Posted 17 July 2013 - 03:41 PM

Before starting, I ask that people keep trolling and/or rating bashing to a minimum.


We all know the Runeforging system is an outdated and, for lack of better wording, boring way for DKs to empower their abilities. I want to see if we can come up with some viable changes to the DK skill of Runeforging and perhaps forward them to Holinka / GC if we can get a decent amount of good ideas. Keep in mind this would probably be for a future expansion, so keep that in mind when writing down ideas.

What I'm mainly looking for here is possible changes to existing runeforges, or simply new ideas for changing the way runeforging works alltogether. Keep in mind it's not just outdated for PvP, so perhaps adding in some fun ideas for PvE would help our cause (we all know blizzard prefers changing things if they're beneficial to PvE).

The main 'flaw', if you can call it that, in the runeforging system is that there are only four viable runeforges. Rune of Swordshattering for countering disarms. Only really used when expecting an incoming disarm and switching weapon accordlingly. Rune of the Fallen Crusader for two-handed Frost and Unholy. Rune of Razorice for dual-wield Frost. Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle for tanking heavy physical dmg fights in PvE. They are calculated as to determine which ones are mathematically the best pick for dps.

Perhaps the runeforging system could be changed to become similar to the current talent or glyph system. Making them more of a utility-based choice rather than an output one (IE a runeforge which increases the range of your magic abilities by a small amount). This, of course, is more likely to be a negative change for PvErs because they will feel like they have no usefull choices, so developers would have to make sure there would be viable runeforges for them as well.

Another option would be to change the system alltogether into a style where you can pick three runeforges, one for each type of rune. The way I'd imagine this to work is that you'd be able to enhance Unholy (damage), Frost (control) and Blood (defense) by small margins, all seperately from the others so they don't mutually exclude one another like the current system does with runeforges. An additional idea for this could be that the spec you're playing in enhances the runeforges for that spec with an additional small benefit, IE if you're specced Unholy and you have a runeforge to increase the shadow portion of your scourge strike by 5%, it could also add a 2% increase to the physical portion.

But anyway, I've written enough text here. I'd like to see some ideas of other players. Not just DKs, I'd like input from everyone on this!
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#2 Yoloswagful

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Posted 17 July 2013 - 04:12 PM

Intertesting idea, but im afraid its kind of impossible to pull that off in the game like wow. If you look at it, other classes have 1/2 viable weapon enchants, dks have pretty much the same numer and cause of that I'd rather see runeforging as a great way of saving money than anything else.

I think tho, anything that would add some more variety, some personal choices that you can make in the way you play your class would be more than welcome, cause if you look at it the talent system that got introduced in MoP has so much potential and we had so many hopes about it, yet it pretty much didn't change anything cause there are still cookie-cutter specs and in almost every talent tier there is like 1-2 talents that are so bad, that you would never consider worth picking up. Sometimes I ask myself, where does all the money blizz makes on this game goes, cause it seems awkward when the game like Path of Exile has balance updates on a weekly basis and has pretty much the smartest game design created so far is completely free to play and for wow you have to pay $$$$ monthly to see changes once every 1,5 month that never lead to balancing the game and often force you to either stop playing or reroll cause the changes make your class uncompetitive.

As bli$$ likes the money so much, maybe they should release an option, where you can pay X $$$ so they make your class OP and also an option where you can pay Y $$$ to nerf another class to the ground and after every period of time a class that earns most money becomes the uberlord or underdog.

Blizz, some great ideas out there, plx employ me cause im looking for a job atm.
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#3 FTRouslan

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Posted 18 July 2013 - 01:31 AM

Frost DW used to be able to swap different weapons with different runeforges to create some absurd frost damage

Of course, nobody really did that outside of a few dedicated dual wielders and people who capitalized on the OPness of mastery proc or on use trinkets from PvE.
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