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ArenaLeague Day5 - live now

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#21 discoepfeand

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Posted 14 July 2013 - 09:26 PM

The Russian stream was particularly good for one reason, in my opinion - they typed the player names instead of the character names above the character frames, so instead of seeing "Blastabadar", it said "Talbadar", and "Cdew" instead of "Cdruid" (or whatever).

Not a big deal, but a nice touch that I appreciated.

Oh, and it doesn't give a lot of credence to the broadcast that Conrad said a few times how he doesn't PvP in MoP, and that he only PvEs. It may be true, and I don't begrudge him his opinion of what he wants, but it made me appreciate Azael's commentary even more. He's been the best caster so far, imo.
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#22 jekuu

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Posted 14 July 2013 - 11:56 PM

Why is Conrad stopping the commentating?
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#23 Synkz

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Posted 15 July 2013 - 12:21 AM

Why is Conrad stopping the commentating?

He doesn't enjoy pvp this expansion.
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#24 swagmyjellos

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Posted 15 July 2013 - 01:52 AM

Rylez is a nice guy and people did give him a hard time, but he was not prepared at all. He did not improve his commentating after the first week much at all. He's got great potential for a commentator, but he simply needs to calm down and research the game he is commentating.

First, there's no such thing as a quadra-DR fear. If you aren't 100% sure what's going on with the game just go with it or let the other guy talk for a while. Don't keep saying "I don't know" or that a guy is dead when they are on 50% health. People also forget that Blizzard doesn't allow for an easy to use spectator mode in the game, that WoW wasn't even designed with e-sports in mind, and that the addon they're using for the tournament could use some improvements as well.

I'm a bit disappointed by reject comp tbh as well. Idk why they put a warrior in or why Hydra is playing with some of those players rather than wowdruid and braindeadly. Seems to be a pretty big skill gap on his team. I know warriors are in a really bad spot atm, but keke did literally no damage to EG's team. They also let Azeal freecast during every demonsoul the final matchup.

anyway big props to Bleach Bones, but I hope this stuff is cleaned up a bit in the future. Why not even front page of twitch? Under streams with 500 viewers playing tetris and crap. Only gaming site featuring the tourney was AJ iirc, not helping competitive play for this game at all.
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#25 Saru93

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Posted 15 July 2013 - 01:54 AM

The russian anthem on stream absolutely cracked me up lol.

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#26 discoepfeand

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Posted 15 July 2013 - 02:37 AM


lol, apparently it was popular enough that it got linked on their front page.

Front page: http://prestige-gaming.ru/

It starts at just over 55 seconds into the youtube vid from this post: http://prestige-gami...ren-t42023.html
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#27 zenga

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Posted 15 July 2013 - 03:14 AM

Rylez is a nice guy and people did give him a hard time, but he was not prepared at all. He did not improve his commentating after the first week much at all. He's got great potential for a commentator, but he simply needs to calm down and research the game he is commentating.

I feel sorry for the personal attacks towards him. And for the fact that he seems to take simple facts personal (else he wouldn't label all people who criticised him as 'haters'). For me it's crystal clear that a non-native English speaker should never take the lead in casting a wow tournament. It's so fast paced that sooner or later it's simply going to sound silly. Add in his mickey mouse voice when he gets excited and you got a mix that is very irritating to listen to. And that is absolutely not his fault nor his shortcoming. Nature caused it so he was not born in a native English speaking country, and nature caused it so that he doesn't have a Marlon Brando voice.

But he would perfectly fit as a co-host that provides additional info. Something that the main commentator missed, providing feedback about certain participants (like the russians). Meaning that he should never talk in the heat of the battle. That would make a massive difference (when he dc'd the first game conrad solo-casted and the Russian guy with a really heavy accent provided some additional info, but his accent didn't bother at all since he wasn't talking in the heat of the battle).

I really don't see the great potential as a commentator. Perhaps in his native language, but I doubt he is gonna get a pair of balls overnight that fixes his peeping voice. Nor is it something that he can learn. And it's not a 1 weekend event, it's for bloody 8 weeks.

TLDR co-host to provide additional info/opinions: absolutely, main casting in the heat of the battle: absolutely not.
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#28 Abidalzim

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Posted 15 July 2013 - 03:22 AM


It was on the russian stream after the english stream dc'd and everyone started spamming crap in twitch chat. I barely understand any russian, but I thought it was a hilarious spin on the usual eu vs us drama lol.
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#29 WildeHilde

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Posted 15 July 2013 - 05:16 AM

The vods are already up: http://www.youtube.c...GamingRu/videos
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