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Shadowstep vs Burst of Speed 5.4 (Sub)

shadowstep bos

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Posted 11 July 2013 - 07:13 PM

So, what are people's thoughts? I'm becoming more and more let down with shadowstep the more I use it - I used to love it for eating traps and focus-step-kicks. The problem is now, any hunter will flare+root you before trying to land a game-breaking trap so I'm rarely getting a chance to step my healer unless I trinket. It's true that Narrow Escape will be cloakable next patch, but you'll still only be able to step 33% of the traps (assuming you're not out of LoS or otherwise CC'd or didn't use step offensively or already use your cloak).

As for step-kicks, how many kills this season have you made thanks to a step-kick? I rarely ever have step available during kill opportunities because I've had to use it to connect with the kill target after they've used a mobility talent (disengage, safeguard, heroic leap, leap of faith, portal, gateway, displacer beast, transcendence etc). The times I could have stepped, it hasn't been needed - smoke bomb and blind are enough (as is all the new CC my partners have).

The only other benefit I can think of is it sometimes lets you get back on your target after a z-axis knockback if you're not playing with a disc that can leap of faith you.

Other than not being able to connect, the other problem I have with Step is when your kill attempt fails or you get a bad fear path to the middle of the arena - with Step you're left waddling back to a pillar while getting turreted by two or three people. You're also screwed if you get pillar kited with Step. No chance you'll catch them.

Are the three reasons to take shadowstep enough to make people sacrifice the extra mobility a spammable BoS brings? I can't help but think shadowstep is a throwback to pre-cata gameplay that people only take out of habit. To me it feels like all the new abilities introduced over the last two expantions have made it subpar in comparison to 5.4 BoS. I might take Step for Blade's Edge vs teams with a hunter but no offensive casters/dk/rdruid, but I'm not convinced. Can anyone convince me pls?
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