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What rogues need to be competitive


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#61 Ayume

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Posted 27 June 2013 - 04:20 PM

I still stand behind making rogues visible during subterfuge and have it remain the same duration. In my opinion, that change would be perfect. ATM with subterfuge, I am able to (with SnD) Garrote>Ambush>Eviscerate>Ambush or Garrote>Ambush>Eviscerate>Cheap Shot. These openers are strong enough for me to ignore the fact that subterfuge bugs shadowdance extremely often. I dont think shortening subterfuge is the right way to nerf it without hurting rogues much needed openers.


Am I the only rogue who doesnt like the way they changed Faerie Fire durations?

I agree, making subterfuge visible would be an ok fix as well. I don't really mind either one, as 2 second subterfuge is really enough to blow most of your energy anyways.

The faerie fire change is well, annoying. I mean it's good, better than a lifetime of faerie fire (in fruit fly years), but I agree it should be vanishable. Rogues primary way of surviving is vanish, and I can't tell you the dread I feel when I get stunned on a flare or with faerie and no cloak up, I'm sure I die at least 80% of the time that situation occurs, sometimes through all of my teams defensive cooldowns. In the past it wasn't nearly as big of a deal, as both ferals and hunters were fairly uncommon. But now with resto druids being debatably the best healer, and feral/hunters being insane it's really a big problem.
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Posted 07 July 2013 - 12:20 AM

I totally agree with every buff/nerf to rogues in this thread +1 Ayume
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Shit game is shit :) btw Butthex, ur still a nobody, thx for reminding me to fix my shit sign

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