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New Disc priest Streamer!

Streaming Arena Priest

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#1 Y0W

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Posted 18 June 2013 - 04:58 PM

Hey guys, Archpriest here. I've recently started streaming high level arenas. In 2v2 I am mostly playing disc hunter, in 3v3 you will see me play jungle cleave and ret hunter disc and for 5v5 I am playing ret hunter rogue resto shaman disc priest. I am playing on both Outland and Sylvanas, Alliance obviously.

I started playing World of Warcraft rather late, started in s11. Managed to achieve 2400 rating in 3v3 during my first season as thug cleave and rmp. In s12 i chose to play shadow as many other priests and was very close to be getting gladiator. Now in s13 I have achieved 2600 in 3v3 and 5v5 and close to 2400 in 2v2. Atm I have 3 priests, Archpriest, Archpriestqt and Sekirax. 2 on sylvans and 1 on outland.

Apart from my live stream there is some nice vods and highlights of 3v3 games against top players such as Båten, Nolifer, Trillebårtom, Shawir, Minpojke, Craze, Mirøx, Littleayato and Nama.

I will be doing weekly gold giveaways and you need to be following the stream to be able to win. I will be streaming a lot during this week and the rest of the summer. Thanks for your time and I hope that you will tune in on my stream! ;)

Stream link: http://www.twitch.tv/Archpriestx
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Posted 18 June 2013 - 08:50 PM

So basically you're playing fotm comps in every bracket?


I'm sure people will enjoy watching, I'm not going to just because of those comps though. I enjoy less frequent comps much more. Just a tip in case you want to build a viewer base.
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