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Discipline Priest Basic Guide

Disc Priest Guide

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#1 Nokilolz

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Posted 29 May 2013 - 07:57 PM

Saltyz Discipline Priest Guide


Hey guys my name is Phil and I've been playing wow since season 3 back in The Burning Crusade but more of a raider. I never took arena to serious til end of season 5 going into season 6 playing only rogue. I achieved gladiator season 6 on rogue playing RMP. I decided to switch mains to priest during wotlk as I enjoyed the playstyle. I got Gladiator on disc priest during season 10, as well as resto shaman season 10 and 11. ( I used Jonte's guide as a outline to write my own, so shout out to jonte!)

Talents :

Tier 1-

Psyfiend - Right now with tremor being such a short CD, have more fears more often is a really good thing, can also be used to eat traps vs hunters if timed right ( Hydra skill points).

-Alternatives- Dominate Mind – I choose this a lot in 2s more so than 3s. You can use dominate mind for long CC chains with your partners such as a hunter, feral, or mage. You can potentially use Dominate Mind to set up a 30+ sec long CC chain to set up a kill!

-Alternatives- Void Tendrils – Of all three this is the one I use less, It has it's situations where it could be potentially used such as vs melee cleaves when your playing a comp that doesn't have heavy snare peels such as something without a mage.

Tier 2

Body and Soul – This is the clear cut choice for this Tier now that Phantasm got the nerf where it doesn't make you untargetable anymore. The combination of Body and Soul is really good with the Tier 4 talent Spectral Guise to set up sneak fears and potentially avoid CC!

Tier 3 -

Mindbender – I use this talent majority of the time because of the short CD as a resource of getting more mana back, and also because you can also align it with your partners to burst damage. The cooldown of Mindbender being 1 minute compared to shadowfiend's 3 mins opens up the possibility for you play a little bit more offensive with your team being able to use more globals on offensive dispels, rather than playing Cataclysm style sit 40 yards and heal.

From Darkness, Comes Light – I've never really been a fan of RNG talents or spells that rely on luck or random events to occur so having a proc chance heal at only 15% doesn't really interest me enough to choose it over such a talent like Mindbender.

Solace / InsanityThis talent is really useless for discipline priests, and never bothered to even play with it.

Tier 4 -

Spectral GuiseThis is the only choice for this tier than I would ever choose, it's TOO good to not select otherwise. You can use Spectral Guise in so many situations that it's such a valuable talent. Spectral Guise gives you that brief invisibility to where you can use the combination of Spectral Guise & Body and Soul to sneak into the enemy teams for fears that could have been preventable otherwise. Not only can you use Spectral Guise offensively but you can do some creative things as well such as invising right before a hunter might scatter you so you can get your image to eat the trap for you, or use Spectral Guise to juke the enemy player to avoid a potential CC such as a priest running at you to fear you. I would never not take this talent over the other two in any situation.

Tier 5

Power Infusion – Just like Tier 4, this is the only choice I would ever take out of this tier. Power infusion does so much for a disc priest offensively, and defensively that it's impossible to not take. Using power infusion offensively can be used for faster offensively dispels, or even faster defensively dispel on your team mate to continue pressure. Defensively this talent is just as good, because getting off faster heals is just as important, even though disc priest casted heals are weak and we rely more on Shields, Prayer of mending, renew, and Spirit Shell for most of our healing in the current state.

Tier 6 -

Divine Star – This choice is rather obviously now too because of the mana cost alone. Anything that costs 20k+ mana in arena is going be very hard to want to choose to use frequently. Divine Star does heal in a forward direction in front of you so you can use it to heal more than one target at a time which is very useful vs dots and spread pressure teams. It's the only viable choice from the last and final tier.


Major Glyphs:
  • Glyph of Penance – This is a new glyph that came out with MOP which gave penance a cool utility of being able to be channeled while moving. You can use this to juke interrupts easier, and also heal behind line of sight starting the casting in the open and then walk behind the pillar.
  • Glyph of Mass Dispel – This glyph is a priority vs teams that have shield immunities such as Mages and Paladins, with the recent nerf in 5.3 in order to remove their shields with mass dispel you need this glyph to do so.
  • Glyph of Shadow Word: Death – This glyph is as one of the ways priests can get out of CC based on using Shadow Word Death at the correct time to where the dmg from death breaks the CC on you just as it lands.
  • (Alternative Glyph) Glyph of Prayer of Mending – If your not fighting a team where shadow word death actually can come to use of breaking CC, I would swap that glyph out for this one. It really does increase your heals from Prayer of Mending to a noticeable amount, such as trying to live vs a team like enhance feral if their swapping to you.

Minor Glyphs :
Honestly there isn't any minor glyphs that change any gameplay for pvp, all of the minor glyphs are more RP based and visual changers, so choose whichever you enjoy! :)

Gemming / Reforge / Enchants

Red Gems: +160 Intellect
Yellow Gems: If your trying to match for bonus + 80 int + 160 Mastery, if not and your going for best in slot stat use +160 Intellect
Blue Gems: +80 Intellect + 160 Spirit
Meta Gem: Use the Burning Primal Diamond ( +216 Intellect + 3% Critical Effect) meta until you can get the Tyrannical Primal Diamond ( +665 pvp power + 775 pvp resilience)

As a discipline priest your most valuable stat priority is spirit, majority if not all the pieces of gear that you will get has spirit on them so reforging is very limited after that. I like to reforge pieces that has second stats along with spirit to mastery to maximize the use of your shields, so your reforge priories should go a little like this;
Sprit > Mastery > Haste > Critical Strike

The enchants that you choose are the generic healing enchants that pretty much all Resto / Holy / Disc talents choose. Enchants like:
-Greater Crane Wing Inscription
-Enchant Chest – Glorious Stats
-Enchant Wrists – Super Intellect
Greater Pearlescent Spellthread
Enchant boots – Pandaren's Step
Enchant weapon – Jade Spirit
Enchant Gloves – Superior Mastery

Common Comps to play as Disc Priest as of 5.3

Priest Hunter Death Knight- The goal of the priest in most of these comps are relatively the same, in the beginning build up your spirit shells on your partners so they can create the most pressure possible without having to worry about falling behind early and playing defensive. Try to build pressure early with your team with offensive dispels and fears ASAP.
Priest Hunter Ret -
Priest Hunter Feral -
Priest Ele shaman mage – I think this is going to be a popular comp coming out soon, i've seen people like Jahmilli and Porkz play this comp very succesfully, and will become more seen.

Workable Comps -
Priest Mage Rogue – I feel like this comp if played right is relatively always viable and fun to play. It is by far my favorite to play when it's very strong for sure!
Priest Mage Feral – Just like RMP this comp is viable majority of the time, and can be played as a tier 2 comp.

Key-binds -
I would never recommend anyone to copy anyone’s key-binds. The key-binds that you create should be comfortable for you and you alone. Having key-binds that you can comfortably press without having to think about all the time is what makes you react faster in every situation!

I know I’m not a well known player or a top tier player along the likes of Sodah, Hydra, Fuzionn, Zunniyaki, or Mackenziee but I tried to release a guide that's easy to read for any beginning disc priest that's interested in getting into the class like I was when I was watching hydra and those players back in the day. I hope to use my previous gladiator knowledge and constant gladiator rankings to try and supply some knowledge in the community through the guides and forums!

If you have any interest please check out my stream at www.twitch.tv/saltyz

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#2 stillermeister


Posted 30 May 2013 - 01:51 AM

Nice base to collect even more information and build them into the guide!

Divine Star: You can cast this spell even after you got pummeled! Often i dont even fake, get pummeled and just cast divine star afterwards. So your only locked out like 2 seconds.

Tier 5:
Divine Insight is a good choice in my opinion too. Atleast against teams who do alot spread preassure it's even better then PI. And dont forget, every new shield activates body&soul.

Weakend Soul: Same as Divine Insight. Good against spread preassure, 2 seconds earlier new shield for new sprint.

Maybe a section, which races are good and which not, could be interesting.

Edited by stillermeister, 30 May 2013 - 01:52 AM.

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#3 Djandawg

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Posted 31 May 2013 - 09:37 AM

Nice guide but:
Tier 4: Spectral Guise is not the only option, in fact it is wrong to take it versus some comps. Due to stealth avoiding abilities such as faerie fire / flare etc or dk cleaves that will train you.(instant blood boil will unstealth you). Alternative: Angelic Bulwark
Tier 5: Divine Insight is incomparably better than power infusion. You get a free shield, it's amazing.

Also Prayer of Mending alternative glyph? Play without it and you won't have your best healing spell.

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#4 Porkz

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Posted 01 June 2013 - 03:06 AM

Great guide.
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#5 Reefs

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Posted 01 June 2013 - 04:32 AM

I personally pick up FDCL almost every game thats not wizards.
Great guide btw and thanks for putting time into it.

Edited by Reefs, 01 June 2013 - 04:32 AM.

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#6 soupaah

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Posted 08 June 2013 - 09:48 PM

[quote name='Djandawg' timestamp='1369993071' post='3893594']

Also Prayer of Mending alternative glyph? Play without it and you won't have your best healing spell.

Agreed, PoM glyph is way too good to pass up :duckers:
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#7 Gekz

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Posted 08 June 2013 - 11:02 PM

PoM glyph is mandatory. Also if you run x/hunter/priest I wouldn't recommend prioritizing spirit over mastery, most games don't last long at all. You can also drink on demand w/ spectral guise bug instantly getting you out of combat. If against a comp where mana could be an issue take mindbender, otherwise FDCL is superior (15% proc chance is actually quite high).
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#8 Vanguards

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Posted 08 June 2013 - 11:03 PM

Very nice guide! A small suggestion I have would be to add the patch your guide is for (5.3) to the title, that way people will know if your guide is up-to-date.


As a player, I also think there are moments where Divine Bulwark is useful. I know I've seen Disc Priests use it against Boomkin teams a lot because they know they simply can't survive the solar beam without it.
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#9 akatyrone

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Posted 09 June 2013 - 07:52 AM

here's a macro to eat your traps with mindbender without it shadowstepping all over the place

basically toggles off shadowcraw and brings up the "move-to" circle, hit it again with a modifier and it steps back to your target after you've dispelled the trap, hit ur pet attack bind again for it to stay on the target. change the tooltip to what you want :)

#showtooltip Shadow Word: Death
/cast Mindbender
/click PetActionButton7 RightButton
/click PetActionButton3 LeftButton
/cast [mod:alt] Shadowcrawl

also pom glyph is really good

Edited by akatyrone, 09 June 2013 - 08:15 AM.

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#10 Moridinn

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Posted 09 June 2013 - 09:41 PM

Glyph wise I prioritize in this order:

1. Penance (can't live without it now :D)
2. SWD
3. MD
4. PoM
5. Inner Sanctum/Inner Fire

Most games I play with some mix of Penance + MD/SWD/PoM. If I have to go both MD and SWD (Hunter/Pally, Mage teams), I drop PoM over Penance, though.

I've noticed some Priests (Fuzionn for example) using Weakened Soul though. Maybe it's worth giving a shot, atleast as third Glyph when you don't need MD or SWD.
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#11 cippi

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Posted 09 June 2013 - 10:58 PM

[quote]1. Penance (can't live without it now :D)[/quote] yy 110% same!
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#12 Nokilolz

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Posted 10 June 2013 - 10:13 AM

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback, I'll edit some stuff around here soon with the new suggestions. Thanks!
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#13 Bullylol

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Posted 19 June 2013 - 10:44 AM

[quote name='Djandawg' timestamp='1369993071' post='3893594']
Nice guide but:
Tier 4: Spectral Guise is not the only option, in fact it is wrong to take it versus some comps. Due to stealth avoiding abilities such as faerie fire / flare etc or dk cleaves that will train you.(instant blood boil will unstealth you). Alternative: Angelic Bulwark
Tier 5: Divine Insight is incomparably better than power infusion. You get a free shield, it's amazing.

Also Prayer of Mending alternative glyph? Play without it and you won't have your best healing spell.

This pretty much points out the exact flexbility you need as a priest.

There is no default build.

Also someone mentioned mastery and spirit, which is also a good point.

On the glyphs you do need to look at them every single game, same with talents. A class or spec change on the opponents side can make the difference, also depending on what classes you are playing with. For example I set MD/SWD/Pen as my "default" but in reality any of those (except maybe pen) gets rotated depending on what I face - I just use those as I like to dispel bubbles / blocks when some dude comes into cities lol.

Look at it more as default builds for match ups that you need to swap around.

MD / SWD vs mage teams for example.

The same on talents. I find I use MC more in 2s than 3's but some games the fiend is useful, some times tendrils is.

DJ touches on the talents as well -

Having that insight proc is insane so often, and its pretty common I find (also believe right now is down for being buffed in the patch). But for example the Body and Soul speed vs the phatasm freedom - against teams where they are spamming slows on me I do actually want to have the personal freedom (namely where I cant dispel it) - no point being fast where I cant go fast.

Finally, not sure who mentioned it but it came up in the trinket threads.

When you have the means to (I.E 25k points or already maxed out gear dont care for shadow etc...) having multiple versions of gear / trinkets etc.. also voids stat priority a lot as well.

Where as previously I would prioritise sustainability and healing power, now I can afford to build gear for multiple scenarios.

Where I want regen (mid, long game, spammy games esp with offensive dispel) I want that spirit on my trinkets / gear. Also look to use PVE trinkets if possible / available. When its a cleave game (say thug or kitty for example) and I expect the game to go super quick, and probably not use all my default mana before the game is won/lost - I am not wanting that spirit anymore - mastety becomes that much more significant (powering out those shields) or raw healing power (more powerful POMs/shields etc...).

So I might swap out right now my 2x spirit trinkets for 2x mastery trinkets against a hunter / ret / x team - get those shields up - paired with a WS glyph for example.

I have to say its the one thing I do like about MOP over the old school methods. I loved the old talent trees more in general, but being able to build specific builds per game per match up is quite cool over just a generalist approach.
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#14 Udderly

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Posted 20 June 2013 - 01:08 PM

Great guide, thanks! Also good comments to have more to think about. =)
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#15 Raisuun

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 06:12 PM

Nice guide, picked up a few good tips here.

I've found playing against Druids (mainly in 2's) that FF is constantly up on me so I change out Guise for Bulwark.
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#16 Rasmys

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Posted 24 July 2013 - 09:58 PM

Great guide! Got some tips! :duckers:
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