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[Rshaman] Healing vs. Hunters and Melee Cleaves

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#1 Megorix

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Posted 27 May 2013 - 02:03 PM

Went from 2147 at 2200+ MMR at 70% w/l to almost 50% w/l at 1990 rating running UHdk/Warlock/Rshaman over the course of a week since 5.3 dropped. All we que into is Hunter/x/Priest and Feral melee cleaves.

We keep getting rolled by cleaves. Problem is my healing seems really weak right now, and whether the opposing cleave decides a to train myself, or our warlock, I just can't keep up with the healing. Do RShamans just suck now? The healing nerf seems like it was a lot more than the 13-7% people keep telling me. We were capable of dealing with Thugcleave and KFC at a higher MMR last patch, and they were much much better opponents. Now we are getting face rolled by people that overlap CC and just spam damage, damage, and more damage.

Any tips? Or are Shamans trash right now? I didn't even play with a Shadow Priest all of MOP, and I was dealing with much better players and cleaves before.
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#2 Votlol

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Posted 01 June 2013 - 11:38 PM

Since the changes in 5.3, it is widely recognized that hunter cleave teams are currently striving, perhaps more jungle cleaves, beast cleaves, and phd's than KFC and thug cleave, though. Hunter damage is now less burst and more consistent damage largely due to the blink strike change (it used to be a cd with a lot of burst where as now it is basically a pet ability autocasted every few seconds). Specifically for thug cleave, remember that it is sort of an "all in" fight, and it is most important to worry about cooldown vs cooldown management against that set up. If a rogue pops everything on you or your lock in the opener, including dance, blades, etc.; then be prepared to respond with a lot of cd's yourself.

Have good opening positioning while you wait for the open on you or your warlock vs thug, get a gateway, and try to gauntlet a little bit with rain of fire spam, blood boil, magma totem, and death and decay. Typically, if a thug cleave doesn't all in me when they do just start on me (as the resto shaman), I am ready to trinket and drop link, but I try my best to live without trinketing (racials, BM trinket, etc) and simply live with link followed by maybe ascendance, spiritwalker's grace, or healing tide even. If a team does kind of "all in" I will often trinket one of the opening CC's and link and/or healing tide very quickly, trying to save bm trinket and ascendance + aura mastery / NS for the next stun lock on me or the blind on me with a swap onto my team mate.

When the hunter cleave teams do simply train the shaman, I find the most helpful thing I can do for myself is use earth grab totem, perhaps specifically after freedom is used or simply in order to get a cast off after an asphyxiate, shock wave, or dance. It is also useful for just keeping the cleave slow, rooting the stampede, and allowing you to get away while pole humping in order to top yourself with hardcasts rather than CD's. Gateway is mandatory, especially when these hunter cleaves train you, and it is a lot easier to make now so there are no real excuses for not using it.

I still prefer to use earth grab when these teams train my warlock, but the most important thing to do is to make proper use of the gateway, take it when fears are dr'd or perhaps have your lock take it when your team fails to eat a trap, etc. Use your cd's when you are not CC'd and try to let your lock save his / gateway for when you are. Yet again, abuse the gateway, since it is a lot easier to get off and the charges build so quickly, even if the enemy team kills your gateway it is very easy to make and abuse by letting your entire team hop across the map using it, constantly.

I think one of the most important things to remember when playing as a comp like shadowcleave (dk lock x) vs a cleave like KFC or PHD, is that you can not just turtle forever, because you will lose. One of the best peels is the offensive pressure, and no matter how you play it if you do not pressure enough to force cd's and land a kill, you will eventually just die, no matter how long you turtle. Remember going healers is very strong as shadowcleave, it keeps the healer from being able to free heal through the excessive damage, and it causes the teammates to rot. I would even perhaps go as far as allowing my dk to sit on the healer solo after demonsoul dots are applied and let the warlock kill the two dps with spam fears at the same time. If you can keep the healer controlled very well (don't miss Cs's, stun the healer all you can, spam fear the healer, and interrupt at least with grips / mind freeze and shears) then the team will be forced to pull back or just die all at once, even quicker.
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