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having trouble surviving unh dk's (resto sham)

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#1 ysoto78

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Posted 23 May 2013 - 10:31 PM

I'm having a lot of trouble vs. unh dk's paired with any disc.
This happens on both 2's and 3's and I need some tips.

I usually earthbind & windwalk to get away.
Also, pop spiritwalker/hdt if I see dk blowing his cd's.

But I still can't seem to survive the pressure that dk's put on when my cd's are down.

Any tips?
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#2 xdarksimx

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Posted 24 May 2013 - 12:32 AM

ground mind freeze, and have your teammates peel (or sit on the DK 24/7, given they flop over faster than any class in the game when their cds are down.
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#3 Votlol

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Posted 01 June 2013 - 11:55 PM

Earth Grab totem helps a ton, not really so much for keeping the DK off you, but more so for allowing you to cast. If you are using freedom, assuming you put earthbind down and the dk has already gripped and asphyxiated (sometimes difficult to force him or her to use these in order to begin connecting, especially in 2's), you need to be in ghostwolf and use the freedom, keeping it down for almost the full duration of the totem. You can then get a cast or two off and top yourself, assuming the dk doesn't receive any speed boost or somehow manage to reconnect quick enough; so the position you are in when you use windwalk while the DK doesn't have grip or his stun is important too, and you aren't always free to take the dk where you want because before you have windwalk back up, or after you have just used it, not being in line of your team mates for peels or help can be deadly.

Earth Grab can be used twice as often as windwalk, as long as it's timed properly vs AMS/freedoms/grips/stuns it can let you get the same or more spell casts off; it can be used anywhere on the map, and even when grips and stuns are ready for the DK if you make sure you root him or her near a pillar so that you may move out of line the instant they walk into the totem's effect.

I know that if I am able to cast 1-3 surges every few seconds for sure (in the mean time i just fake the dk, or cap stun / hex, maybe), I can live without using CD's and therefore save them for later on when the dk pops their offensive cd's on me. Always try to have an answer for asphyxiate when a dk is hitting you, though, whether it be earth grap, a peel, trinket, ns, aura mastery, or ascendance (or just hard casts if he or she has no follow ups after the asphyxiate), and try to always be at a healthy % of hp when it lands. Make sure not to just pop every cd at once when dk's pop little to nothing, and don't be afraid to have to link as well as healing tide / other alternate defensive cd's when a dk does blow everything at once on you.
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