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In dire need of help for target/focus/casting macros

macro macros target mage pvp arena 2v2 2s venruki help

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#1 drakzuli

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 02:47 AM

Hello everyone, I have gotten incredibly used to all of the keybinds on my mage, but I have recently made a massive switch. I used to just target all of my arena targets with T. The T function targeted an enemy player, and when I wanted to target pets I used tab. This worked a bit in 2s, and I pushed 1700 team rating for a bit. I use no focus/target macros, no casting macros for arena 1-3. I feel as If I am limiting my skill level and the efficiency of my rotations without these macros. I just made a switch to using my arena target and focus with an alt modifier on my naga 1-3, and the rest of the casting macros on naga 4-9. I feel horrible, and am being beaten by god awful teams because this whole arena target macro thing is so new to me. Should I learn to play with them and suffer through a week of awful arenas? Or can you become adapted to playing with just a target enemy player keybind. This may seem very lengthy, but any help/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated, like where to keybind my new macros or any tips on how to adapt. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.
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#2 Synkz

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 04:57 AM

It's really hard to get used to arena 123 and focus 123 macros if you've never used them before, but it's 100% worth it. The most important thing when I was learning to use them was making sure I had them on comfortable keybinds that made sense to me. I use mousewheel up for focus arena1, mousewheel down for focus arena 2, and a sidebutton on my mouse for focus arena 3. You want to make sure you can quickly and easily hit these binds, so try to avoid modifiers if you can help it.

Practice makes perfect, so just go into every arena game concentrating on getting comfortable with your new macros. Switch targets and focus targets as much as you possibly can, get those binds ingrained in your muscle memory. Try not to get frustrated from losing due to unfamiliarity with your binds, that will fix itself with time.

It might take you a week or it might take you months, but arena targeting and arena focus macros can make a huge difference in your gameplay.

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#3 WildeHilde

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 07:08 AM

Definitely make the change. It's important to commit if you do. For example I bound Tab to my Sap Search macro. Out of stealth this macro simply drops my current target and so I learned very fast to not use Tab anymore. Same thing for people trying to not use backpeddle anymore. Bind a very strong cooldown on the key you used to backpeddle with (Blind in my case) and the learning effect is there.

Personally I use F1-F5 to target arena 1-5, alt + F1-F5 to focus arena 1-5 (removed the alt+F4 combination with SharpKeys) and ctrl+qwert to blind arena 1-5. It's a bit messy to bind focus plus arena1-3(5) binds and so I only did this for target, focus and blind while having every cc for focus, too.

About pets: Does someone have a good way to target enemy pets without clicking them? I'm looking for a bind like /target arenapet1 but could not find anything.
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