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[A] 70 Twinks <first class gaming>

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Posted 17 May 2013 - 02:57 PM

About Us:
First class gaming was formed in late 2011 by a small group of friends interested in 70 twink PvP. Since then we have formed a large active 70 community that has been fairly under the radar. With just over 100 lvl 70 accounts in guild and multiple arena teams at times over 2.2k you might have seen us around but chances you haven't really noticed. Our goal is to change that by aggressively recruiting more active PvPers for arena/Pre-made Bg's and new players for our 70 only PvE raid team. So if your a old twink looking for a fresh start or a new one looking to break into the scene. Now is the time to join FCG for a new and exciting opportunity to be a part of something fun and special.

Recruitment info:
-Are there any race/class combo restrictions?
  • No. Being a twink focused guild we do not restrict any race/class combos.
-Do you accept any toons over level 70?

  • No. We are strictly a 70 twink guild.
-Are there any restrictions on your character? (wrath gear/gems/glyphs/ect)

  • No
- Do I have to be 70 to apply?

  • No, We welcome levelers who are interested in 70 twinking
- Do I have to PvP?

  • We encourage all members to participate in pvp, but it's not required. You can join for PvE content only if that's your thing. It can also be the other way around, We accept PvPers that don't want to PvE.

- 16+ years of age
- Ventrilo and Mic
- Active

How do I join?:
- Visit our website, sign up, and fill out a application on the forums.

There is only one rule for pvp. Level 70's only! We do not restrict any class or race and encourage getting the best gear, gems, professions you can to advance your character to join our pvp teams. Our goal is to run full pre-mades and have as many high ranking arena teams as we can. We will Try our best to help twink you the hell out!

One rule only, Must be level 70! Same as in PvP we are not restricting anything here. Our Goal is to clear the content quick and efficient as a group while having as much fun as possible. Once content is cleared and easily on farm status we will consider mixing things up by making things harder. i.e. Removing gear, Splitting up into two smaller groups for a race, Speed clears. The possibilities for mixing it up are endless. Whatever we do, we will try to make it fun and interesting.
We will designate a day(s) and a time for raiding. Members will be given notice via raid calender and expected to attend if he/she signs up.
Raiding is not required and each member is allowed to find their own way of getting content done. If you choose to raid with the guild all content not cleared on raid day can then be pugged to obtain gear.

Contact info:
Recruiter: Shinanigans battletag Zyphod#1859
Officer: Flowy battletag Mazz#1975
Make a alt on Aggramar and msg any member online for more info

Server info:
Aggramar US Alliance
Med-High pop Normal
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