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LF rerollers, level together through bgs, aim arena

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#1 gonaboi

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Posted 09 May 2013 - 08:21 PM

Hi, <fourtwenty> on The Maelstrom Alliance, is looking for a couple more players who would fit into this project.

The plan is to destroy bgs and have fun while leveling but above all, to make the time useful, therefor we emphasize building a strong base for synergy, that will serve a purpose in endgame pvp. 2v2, 3v3, 5v5, and possibly rbg, although main focus should be in arena. These are the things we look forward to doing, in due time, after having a strong sense about each other as players and people.

Because this requires quite a lot of time to pull off, you have to be motivated and patient. Also because we want to make Gladiator title, you should already have a decent knowledge of the pvp system, with room for improvement, and the willpower to do so. However we don't want to put a rating requirement, because of how it can conflict with what we're really looking for. We understand that some of you might have hard time sticking to your teams and therefor getting better is harder. Having said that, it is not really the titles that are our goal, but to stick together even after achieving them, and continue getting better however we see we can.

Also if you're not much for arena, but want to participate for rbg
if you want to join, but for lower level arena
if you want to join for casual pvp,
feel free to contact any of us and we'll see what we can make happen (depends on number of people).

Here's a list of our toons' armory names if you wish to check experience, or whatever.

me: (Battletag: Gona#2699)
priest: Gðna @ al'akir
rogue#1: Gonaßoí @ al'akir
rogue#2: Gonaßøi @ outland
rogue#3: Gonaßoi @ stormscale
dk: Gonæ @ doomhammer
mage#1: Ðjßígßlæck @ outland
mage#2: ßîgßlæçkðáwg @ doomhammer
shaman: Gonå @ doomhammer
warrior: Gona @ doomhammer
warlock: Gonaids @ doomhammer
paladin: Gonadin @ doomhammer
hunter: Gonah @ doomhammer
druid: Ðåwgÿðøgßrùv @ doomhammer

rogue: Nammlol @ outland
mage#1: Iordnammy @ outland
mage#2: Nammdog @ doomhammer
warrior: Nammlolx @ doomhammer
dk: Nammlòl @ doomhammer
shaman: Justínbieber @ outland
monk: Nammonk @ outland
priest: Kútpriest @ outland

priest#1: Madpriestx @ al'akir

If you have any questions that you want answered
If you're interested in joining we can discuss when and how much will we be playing, the setup, and all that.. online.
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