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[Priest] Battlemaster>Int trinket for Disc?

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Posted 07 May 2013 - 09:33 PM

hello there,

I've lately noticed that most high rated priests pick the PvP Battlemaster Trinket over Relic/Shado Pan Talisman.

Let's put it shortly: Why is that?

I did some tests outside of arena myself and while it doesn't make a huge difference to penance heals, i lose roughly 4k absorb per power word: shield.

That makes me wonder if it's worth dropping that int bonus (and the extra mana regen, though battlemaster has spirit on it aswell so that shouldn't be a problem) for basically 0,6% resil and the on-use effect which has a 2 minute cooldown though.

What's your thought on this? should I pick the BM trinket up aswell? I'm basically gear capped anyway and could buy the good one (493) tomorrow.

as always, i'm glad about every answer. good day to you guys.
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Posted 08 May 2013 - 01:31 AM

As you already said it doesnt make too much of a difference on penance heals and so forth and therefor isnt that attractive.
The BM trinket does indeed give spirit, but the main reason most disc use it is because it is more reliable against bursts with blank silences such as vortex solar and / or deep + blank silence.

This can sometimes make u live just long enough to get off a lifeswap or for your partners to get out of cc and peel, whereas if you had the int trinket, you'd die.

In the end you can do well with both, so try them out and see what you feel most comfortable with.

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