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(Boomkin) 2s Suggestions + Arena Gemming???

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#1 MrCer

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Posted 29 April 2013 - 01:38 AM

I'm back again with more boomkin questions!

Regarding 2s:

currently I am doing Boomkin/Frost Mage. We just global someone within the first minute of the game. Cyclone Healer, pop CDs, blow dps. Beam+vortex on healer after cyclone is over. Then right before they get out of the beam, deep freeze healer and do a hard switch to the healer if the DPS is still somehow alive. If they survive both, they are either nearly dead or their DPS perfectly CC'd both of us during our burst.

My question is, I want to grab two other people to be in my 2s team; Who should I grab? I don't like a destro lock because if they get sat on, I feel like they can't put out any pressure at all(maybe I've played with really bad locks in 2s?). My next thought was a rogue, similar to a mage we just blow something up fast.

Would boomkin/rogue work well in 2s?
I was thinking of grabbing a shadow priest as well, but I have the same fear as them when it comes to being sat on.

With my fear of shadow priests not doing enough pressure, the only other option I can think of is running double boomy w/hotwx2. How well would double boomy be in 2s vs boomy/spriest?

My other main question was gemming in arena. I used to gem Resil > PvP power = Int for both RBGs and Arena, but then my RBG leader started complaining about my low dmg. Once I started gemming Crit, I noticed a huge difference in my damage output. Realisticly, I traded about 1% Resil for every 1% crit, which was about 5% crit at the cost of 5% resil.

When I would do arena with my resil gems, I wasn't doing any pressure at all; but I keep hearing 2.4k+ Boomkins who gem resil for arena. Should I be gemming resil at the cost of more dmg, or gem that crit up at the cost of survivability?

More info:

I'm running LSD2.0 Afflock/Rsham/Boomkin. 2.2k Lock and Multiglad rsham. Majority of the time I never get focused and even when I do, my damage doesn't suffer because of it. The only time my damage starts to get bombed on is when I either get sat on by a rogue or/and ww or a double melee comps that sit on me. Our rsham rarely ooms, I think the only time he ever oom'd was when we fought disc, enhancement, arms. Both DPS sat on me the entire game and all 3 of them kept the lock from getting any fears off.

Our comp is an outlast dotcleave comp. And our afflock can do some great dmg, but I kind of feel like the comp relies on my rng from starsurge procs. I don't even know how this comp would work if I'm not unleashing 5 instant starsurge procs on 1 person with all my CDs popped.

EDIT: Any tips on how to beat spicy chicken cleave?
EDIT2: Boomkin/Hunter?
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#2 Contrololold

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Posted 29 April 2013 - 05:26 AM

For 2s, I would recommend boomkin+spriest and boomkin+rogue as secondary options; I think boomkin spriest is a stronger comp compared to the mage variant for 2s and I've run it with a fair amount of success. Void tendrils are amazing for killing healers in beams if you choose to run with spriest, keep that in mind. I haven't run boomkin+rogue since cata, but I imagine it's still very strong if you play smart. I would not recommend double boomkin. It could probably beat any double dps team, but I can't see it being able to win long games vs healer dps despite the double heart due to lack of CC.

Gemming in 3s, run with whatever your healer and opponents let you away with. I would strongly suggest resil, but if your opponents have a tendency to attack your lock, crit is obviously more valuable and I've seen a couple boomkin succeed with crit.
RBGs, run with crit.

Unfortunately, boomkin dmg outside of (and occasionally INSIDE of!) CD's is entirely unpredictably, that's just how the class is.

I can't see a match vs spicy chicken ending in anything but a draw. Get a lucky triple beam and kill the healer :duckers:

I'm not sure what your second edit is asking, exactly. If that would work in 2s? Probably not, hunters and boomkin don't mesh very well. I can see some potential (scatter, trap, root, beam, bash, sleep, trap, scatter!?) and I'd recommend giving it a shot because it could be fun, but it's improbable.

Apologies for brevity, I'm very tired! :rolleyes:
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