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[Shaman] How to survive being trained as Resto?

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#1 Athorta

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Posted 25 April 2013 - 05:45 PM

So I started playing Rsham for this season and the other night after getting it fully geared and messing around in 2's, some friends and I decided to run 3's as DK/Windwalker/Rsham but I've been running to trouble about how to deal with getting trained. (Ironic considering our comp, I know)

We started well, flew up to about 1900 rating in the first night with a few losses where someone derped up and did something stupid, but otherwise we had a good run.

But we started playing again tonight and we started losing quite a lot to cleaves where I, would just get trained all game and would either eventually die after using everything before we could score a kill or I'd die in the opener by thugcleave. I'm really not sure what I can do better to survive. Im not the most experienced player but I feel I've got the basics down decently (learning from watching cdew's stream as much as possible as well ;P) but the 2k MMR cleave teams just tear me apart. I'll briefly outline my problems with the three main offending comps below.

Eg. Thugcleave: I've started out behind a pillar, stacking vigor as high as possible with healing rain down. Once I'm opened on, depending if shadow blades are used ill earth shield, healing stream(tide if blades) out of the cheap shot (trinketing if sblades) and try to kite, yet it just seems I'm taking way too much damage to heal through, even after using link and tide, along with NS and battle master I'll still die. I kinda don't understand it. I've tried asking for ring of peace and the rogue will stand back and shuriken toss for 30k. Capacitor and rogue just cloaks/rambo trinkets and I die before we can counter pressure him.

Kittycleave: it doesn't seem my DK and monk can do anything to keep those two off of me, double grip and they both charge back in, ring of peace and I'm cloned at low HP, and I burn through cooldowns like they're nothing.

Beastcleave: this was the most ridiculous one, lost against this 4-5 times, I'll either get trapped and the monk is rooted/cc'd and can't eat it and they'll pop everything and someone will die before I get out of the silence/stun/hex/lullaby even if I trinket/healing tide, and if they go me, there doesn't feel like there's any way to live, ring of peace does nothing, hunter just BM's everything and I've died through AMZ before somehow.

Anyone have any tips for me to survive against these comps especially? Or tips for my DK and monk to help me? It would be really appreciated!


Apologies if any formatting errors (wall of text etc) as I'm posting from my phone.
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#2 Evolute

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Posted 26 April 2013 - 08:13 PM

Getting trained has always been an issue with restoration shamans. Even in their peak of overpowered popularity (S11), 3DPS teams were notorious for climbing the ladders simply by opening and tunneling the resto shaman and hardcountering RLS comps because they couldn't actually peel or land a cross kill fast enough (usually) before their shaman died.

In reality, it's going to mostly be about your partners peeling for you. Either through literal peels, with crowd controls and the like, or through making the other team go defensive somehow (blowing up their healer or dps etc).

You need to remember that cleave teams usually blow everything at the start, so don't be afraid to use all your cooldowns. Your DPS also really need to pick a stance: either they need to peel and try to find a chain that they can kill someone in, or they need to also go balls to the wall and attempt to get a kill and peel by forcing the other team defensive.

Resto shamans have the tools to live for a long time with SLT, Aura Mastery, Healing Tide, and NS rotations. You just need your teammates to end the game before you run out of them. Monk teams are especially good versus this, because Ring can by itself ruin a thug cleave opener or a feral popping beserk if they successfully get it off and adds another cooldown so your NS comes back up again.

In short, just pop everything and race them, especially as DK/WW/Rsham. You have the tools to outcleave their cleave as DK/WW can do insane amount of healer pressure in a short amount of time. Have them toss a casual Ring of Peace on you and hope that your two melee can kill their healer before their melee kill you.

As sad as that sounds, that's cleave vs cleave in a nutshell. Sorry I can't really go into any specifics, because it doesn't really sound like you're doing anything wrong, and this problem isn't exclusive to lower rated healers; players like Cdew get cleaved down without much they can do as well.

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#3 Athorta

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Posted 27 April 2013 - 08:12 AM

Hey thanks a lot, a very well written response that actually makes a lot of sense and really helps me out in terms of understanding what is actually going on.

I'll have to just to as you said, pop all my cooldowns smartly and try to live through openers with ring etc. I think i'm playing a bit too conservatively with cooldowns and just dying from not using enough when the other team is using everything, it almost seems like every global needs to be a cooldown in some cases then. Also I don't think our monk was ring that effectively sometimes, so I think we could improve that.

Again, thank you a lot for your response!
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