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Looking for some 3v3 Tourney (LAN) input

Possible prelim to Blizzcon

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#1 Sykeasaurus

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Posted 24 April 2013 - 09:30 PM

Note: This thread was created here (http://www.arenajunkies.com/topic/237893-looking-for-some-3v3-tourney-lan-input/) by the user Holdups (http://www.arenajunkies.com/user/229112-holdups/). I think it's interesting enough to be in the Junkie section, though he cannot post in it.

Greetings, AJ. While none of you have likely heard of me, I am an avid fan/follower of high level WoW PvP. The following should roughly lay out a few ideas, as well as a series of questions I have to possibly put on a LAN 3v3 tournament that could be a prelim (or warm-up) to Blizzcon.

I've been in discussions with the owner of a chain of local lan centers I frequent here in central Indiana (called "eBash") about hosting a 3v3 arena tournament. He hosts dozens of tournaments for various PC and Xbox games each year, and is always open to new proposals. As his (by far and away) best WoW-playing regular customer, I opened discussions with him about having one of his lan centers in a suburb of Indianapolis putting on a 3v3 tournament in the months leading up to Blizzcon.

- a tournament held near the center of the US in Indianapolis could appeal to players in all parts of North America. Airfare into Indy is relatively inexpensive. For drivers, there are two major interstates that bisect our city, I-65 and I-70. The cost of living in the midwest is extremely low, so hotels can be found for cheap.

- eBash hosts numerous tournaments a year. They possess high-end gaming systems along with spacious facilities capable of housing a (hopefully) large tournament population.

- Because of their connections, the owner of eBash is fairly certain that he will be able to secure nunerous, very nice rewards from various manufacters in the computer world. These prizes could be coupled with cash prizes secured from other sponsors, entry fees, and eBash.

- WoW Arena tournaments have been dying off over the years. The occasional "big" online tournaments have been plagued by claims of DDOSing, DCs, and 'lag' complaints. As I'm sure many players would be, I would absolutely love to see a successful LAN 3v3 tournament occur where these occurances would be eliminated.

- Each year Indianapolis hosts GenCon. This year the convention is held August 15-18 (a couple of months before Blizzcon). My initial thought would be to couple this tournament with GenCon for the best possible attendance/exposure.

- I regularly Tweet with Holinka about low-level PvP concerns (I know, I know low level PvP lol). I currently have a couple of Tweets into him about getting Blizzard involved in a prelim tournament. We'll see where it goes.

1) In the opinion of 'seasoned' tournament players, what type of prize pool would be neccesary to lure in a large and competitive crowd? I believe the issue of computers, hardware, tangible prizes, etc... will be addressed without problems, so this question is more oriented to cash prizes. Obviously more is always better, and obviously the number of registered teams would impact the prize pool, but what kind of cash payout (to say, the top 3 teams) would be sufficient to get a substantial number of quality attendees?

2) I know there have been multiple tournaments held by multiple organizers over the years. In the opinion of any participants of these tournaments, which tourneys / organizers have been the best, and why?

3) How many teams would be neccessary to make this a 'big and successful' tournament?

4) What rules would you like to see imposed in a major LAN tournament?

5) Who would you like to see announce a major LAN tournament?

This is an idea that has been floating around in my head for a month or so, but I am just now putting out feelers from the WoW PvP community. Please post your constructive input in regards to this idea.

P.S. To the AJ forum mods: Would be fantastic if you could move this post into an appropriate forum for maximum exposure (say the General Discussion forums). Would be even more fantastic if I could be granted temporary posting priviledges for said forum. They will be used only for this particular topic, and will not be abused.
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Posted 24 April 2013 - 09:50 PM

Sponsors, sponsors and sponsors to make any kind of tournament successful. If you can find enough sponsors to possibly fit in a prize pool for top three, that would be perfect. To have people drive/fly there, the prize already has to cover that kind of expense and simply double after that. Just some food for thought.

I say this because I work with Acer in their SC2 division and have set up multiple tournaments myself.

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#3 Mirionx

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Posted 24 April 2013 - 09:52 PM

Sounds really cool, hope holinka do some of his crap and fixes something out of nothing like usual
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